10 Most Painful Breakups In How I Met Your Mother

Along the way from the pilot episode to Ted actually meeting the titular ‘mother’, the How I Met Your Mother gang had their fair share of heartbreak – even Lily and Marshall, who are in a solid relationship from the start. And while many of these were fun relationships that had to end, or relationships that fans didn’t particularly like in the first place, a few of them were absolutely heartbreaking to watch.

The characters are human, after all, and sometimes they made huge mistakes, put themselves out there and got shot down, or just realized that love wasn’t enough (and sometimes, chemistry and timing isn’t enough either). From Ted being left at the altar to the breakup that made Barney Barney, these are the hardest hitting splits of the series.

Barney & Nora

Barney & Shannon

Robin & Don

Barney & Quinn

Ted & Victoria

Robin & Kevin

Robin & Barney

Barney & Ted Bromance

Ted & Stella

Marshall & Lily

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