HIMYM: 10 Major Flaws Of The Show That Fans Chose To Ignore

There are plenty of reasons that How I Met Your Mother became such a massive success. The original format, looking back at the story of how the main character found love is a fantastic (and unique) twist on the usual sitcom style. The blend of wilder adventures and relatable, emotional moments was often spot on.

However, as with most sitcoms, there are some pretty big issues with the series. Some elements are just wildly unrealistic, others are surprisingly problematic, and some bigger elements just don’t make sense. Some of these aren’t too terrible, and some would only be spotted by the most eagle-eyed of viewers, but all of them are things that fans have to simply look past to really love the show.

Unrealistic Drinking/Sleeping Patterns

Basically Everything About Barney

Physical Violence Played For Gags

Inconsistencies And Plot Holes

Cute Premise, But Inappropriate Stories For Kids

Strange Sandwiches

Central Character Is Actually Pretty Awful

Almost No Outside Friends

Wild Unrealism

The Finale

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