HIMYM: Why Carl The Bartender Would Have Made A Better Main Character

Played by Joe Nieves since the pilot episode, Carl the Bartender is one of the most memorable side characters from How I Met Your Mother. As the owner of MacLaren’s Pub, Carl was a hilarious and mysterious enigma who many fans agree should have had more screen time throughout the series. (He was hardly featured in the show’s controversial final season, for starters.)

Fans and critics alike were also disappointed with Ted Mosby’s character at times, leaving many to wonder if Ted’s character should have been swapped with another. Although replacing Ted Mosby with Carl the Bartender as the lead was never slated to happen, there are still plenty of reasons why the fan-favorite bar owner should have been the main character of How I Met Your Mother.

He’s Been Around Since The Beginning

He’s A Genuinely Caring Person

The Series Could Show A (Slightly) Different NYC

He’s Just Plain Hilarious

A (Potentially) Whole New Cast

Less Ted Mosby

Carl Has A Family

More Stories About Old Characters

He’s A Great Friend

Learn More About Carl Himself

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