MCU: The Worst Things Scarlet Witch Has Ever Done

While Wanda Maximoff was just one of the many characters in the Avengers movies, she became a major favorite with fans of the MCU after starring in WandaVision. While she was given some character development in the movies, the ensemble films didn’t allow much focus on her, especially after she joined the Avengers. But, fans have grown to enjoy her complicated story and her relationship with Vision.

However, while Wanda is painted as a villain at times in the MCU and a hero at others, the truth is that her actions are often quite complicated. She might do some heroic things, but she also does some pretty awful ones that hurt other people. This is true of most of the main heroes in the MCU, but she might be one of the most complex other than Tony Stark.

Lied To Vision About Westview

The Mishap In Lagos

Messed With The Minds Of The Avengers

Her Treatment Of Monica

Kept Agatha A Prisoner

Worked With Ultron

Was A Part Of HYDRA

Enslaved The Entire Town Of Westview

But Still Justified That She Was A Good Person

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