10 Breakups In How I Met Your Mother That Fans Wanted

Most of the relationships in How I Met Your Mother broke fans’ hearts when they ended. When Barney dumped Nora for Robin, and then Robin decided to stay with Kevin, it was a gut punch. When Victoria and Ted couldn’t make it work, no one was happy about it. Even when breakups were mutual, like when Robin and Barney realized they weren’t good for each other, or Ted and Robin decided they wanted different things, fans were sad to see them end.

Not every breakup was a tear-jerker, though. These relationships were the ones that fans were thrilled to see the end of, whether they were rooting for it from the very start, or were just sick of it by the end.

Ted & Jeanette

Ted & Zoey

Barney & Abby

Robin & Simon

Ted & Karen

Robin & Nick

Ted & Stella

Marshall & Chloe


Ted & Robin

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