Here’s Why Alyson Hannigan Didn’t Want To Kiss Jason Segel On ‘HIMYM’

It lasted nine seasons and over 200 episodes, yet, fans didn’t want to say goodbye as ‘How I Met Your Mother’ turned into a monster hit. When a show is that successful, even the cast struggles to say goodbye. That was the case on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ as Kaley Cuoco wasn’t keen on the show ending had it not been for Jim Parsons. Turns out, it was the same ordeal for Alyson Hannigan, who really wasn’t a fan of the final episode, given that it completely squashed the chance of a reboot, “Honestly, when I read the last episode script, I was sort of sad because I felt like there was no chance of a reunion, because they kind of gave away all the cards,” Alyson reflected. “They sort of showed everything. I was like, ‘Wait, you guys, now we won’t get to do a reunion because you’re telling the future and telling the stories of what we’re all gonna do.'”

Segel’s Bad Habits

Lily and Marshall did a lot of kissing throughout the seasons. However, little do fans know, Lily wasn’t all that content, given a certain bad habit of Segel’s. Jason was a big smoker, and during the first seasons, would even smoke on the set between takes. Hannigan admitted with Digital Spy, it wasn’t easy to go through with the scenes, “I cannot stand cigarette smoke. It’s like kissing an ashtray and he’s trying to be polite by having gum or mints, but it doesn’t help. When we started the pilot [for the show] he was like, ‘Get me to stop smoking, I’ll be your best friend.’ So we did this bet where he would owe me $10 every time he had a cigarette. After the first day, he owed me $200. So he said, ‘I’m just quitting,’ and he quit cold turkey for about a year. It was fantastic but then … he got stressed out and he started smoking again.”

Despite that hiccup between the two, Segel and Hannigan got along great and we can say the same for the rest of the cast. Although a reboot isn’t taking place, fans can look forward to the spinoff, or simply going back down memory lane and watch the old episodes, which are available on several streaming platforms, including Netflix.

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