How I Met Your Mother: How Victoria’s Return Was Almost Very Different

Ashley Williams reprised her role as Victoria in HIMYM season 7, but her return could’ve been controversial if a certain plan was followed.

Victoria’s surprising return in HIMYM season 7 could have been drastically different, but not in a good way. Ashley Williams played the supporting character in the sitcom’s debut season before reappearing in the life of central character TED MOSBY The professional baker was one of Ted’s most serious girlfriends over the course of the series, but Ted’s feelings toward close friend Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) always got in the way. Ironically, neither Victoria nor Robin wound up being the “Mother” character, but Ted ended up having a future with Robin.

Williams’ character made her How I Met Your Mother debut in “The Wedding.” After meeting at a wedding in which Victoria baked the cake, she and Ted began dating. Though there was an obvious connection between the two, Victoria left NYC for a fellowship at a culinary institute in Germany. The couple tried to make a long-distance relationship work, but Ted had to break up with victoria  after cheating on her with Robin. Six years later in the How I Met Your Mother timeline featured Victoria’s grand return at the end of season 7’s “The Naked Truth.” While attending the Architect’s Ball, Ted reunited with Victoria, who was back in the city still working as a professional baker. Although Victoria was engaged to another man named Klaus, Ted had to give the relationship another chance, believing she could be “The One.”

Ted was previously left the alter, but he convinced Victoria to do the same to Klaus. Still, the relationship couldn’t survive because Victoria forced Ted to choose between her or Robin. In hindsight, it was clever of series creator Craig Thomas and carter bays to bring back Victoria as another roadblock in Ted’s love life. That said, it seemed a rehash by throwing Robin into the middle of the relationship by presenting her as a factor in the ultimatum. Victoria’s return, however, could have been a bit worse, considering the plan to involve a joke aimed at the character’s weight. Essentially, the team behind the series thought about putting the character in a fat suit as a way to build on her time in pastry school, but one could see how that could end up being problematic.

According to Bays in an interview after Victoria returned in How I Met Your Mother season 7 after a six-year absence, there was always a plan to bring the character back. The co-creator reiterated the notion that Victoria would have been the MOTHER  had the sitcom been unexpectedly cancelled. Aside from the contingency plan reveals, Bays commented on a previous statement made by Thomas, who predicted Victoria would have been 600 pounds when she returned to Germany. Bays claimed Victoria’s weight was an “ongoing joke” before teasing how they would have “put Ashley [Williams] in a fat suit.” The idea was that working as a pastry chef in Germany could have potentially affected the character’s weight and appearance.

Thankfully, the team behind How I Met Your Mother veered away from the fat suit idea, which would have certainly aged horribly. Based on how poorly Monica Geller weight gag has aged in friends Bays and Thomas did the right thing by throwing away the insensitive joke. Poking fun at Victoria’s appearance would have taken away from the significance of her return, especially when since it came at a crucial time of Ted’s journey for self-actualization. Like every sitcom, How I Met Your Mother made some mistakes along the way, but a fat suit situation wasn’t one of them, thanks to key reconsiderations.

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