HIMYM: Each Main Character As A ‘Bad Ex-Boyfriend’

The ‘bad ex-boyfriend’ is a hilarious stereotype that has exploded on the internet, and there are many, many kinds thereof. It’s time to figure out exactly what kind of stereotype these characters have fallen into – bad ex-boyfriend style.

Marshall Erikson – The One That Got Away

Victoria – The Question Mark

Victoria is certainly this ex for Ted, but her sweet and mesmerizing personality would probably make her that for anyone else, too. She’s one that we never got closure from.

Robin Scherbatsky – The Heart-Breaker

Just like Robin, this ex is gorgeous, smart, and distant, and broke your heart into a million pieces. The heart-breaker is totally Robin, and we’ll love her until the end of time, anyways. Somehow, she’s one love that will never go away.

Patrice – The Over-Analyzer

They’re a good person, but sometimes, enough is enough. They teach you that it’s time to move forwards – even if the ex isn’t a bad person. Patrice deserves some real love.

Barney Stinson – The Bad Boy

Looking back, it was a fun time, and he’s the ex that might always be a good youthful throwback. However, it was time to let him go – and there are no hard feelings.

Zoey – The Crazy, Avoidable One

Just like Ted, this is the ex to avoid like the plague. Zoey was a character that fans loved to hate and hated to love, and she’s certainly this type of bad ex-boyfriend.

Tracy McConnell – The Back-Up

She’s the one that will always be nice to talk to. In fact, you probably have a pact to get back together if you’re both still single at 40. She’s that ex that is always still pretty great.

Lily Aldrin – The “Nice” Guy

Lily is that guy that seemed like a total sweetheart and seemed to care about nothing other than you. Suddenly, they’re actually not that great, and they were probably using you for their own means.

James – The “Good On Paper” Guy

James checks off a lot of boxes. He’s handsome, intelligent, ambitious, hilarious, and seems to be totally great with everyone he meets. However, he’s just lacking that something special.

Ted Mosby – The Married Ex

If there’s anything every fan of this show can agree on, it’s that Ted has moved on from every ‘the one’ to a totally different ‘the one’. This type of bad ex-boyfriend is the guy that’s already moved on, and is probably already married.

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