HIMYM: 15 WEIRDEST Decisions The Show Made

The humor on How I Met Your Mother is so absurd that it leaves us thinking “Wait, what?” Here are the weirdest moments in the show’s history.

Lily Leaves Marshall

It’s sudden and really out of character for Lily. Of course, she comes back in the first episode of season two to tell Marshall that she’s made a terrible mistake and wants to get back together. Duh, Lily.

Robin Sparkles

How was Robin able to so thoroughly bury this part of her past in the age of the internet? How did she hide it from her friends for so long? “Let’s Go to the Mall” was a pretty big hit. How did no one ever recognize her on the street?

Robin’s “If I Don’t Shave, I Must Behave” Rule

This “no shave” idea is a pretty silly way for Robin to punish herself. What if he’s Mr. Perfect and she really wants to go home with him but she ruins her chances because she can’t bare her legs?

Ted Dates Zoey Even Though She’s Married And Her Husband, The Captain, Is Terrifying

Ted is scared of him from the moment he meets him. Why would he try to steal this scary and powerful’s man’s wife? Does Ted not fear for his safety? Also, he shouldn’t even be in an adulterous relationship if he’s such a sappy hopeless romantic.

The “Slutty Pumpkin” Is A Disappointment

Ted realizes he doesn’t love her at all. It’s so anticlimactic, so ludicrous, so classic Mosby. Eventually, he ends things with her. Should we be surprised? He spent years referring to her as “slutty.”

Marshall Freaks Out And Shaves His Head Before His And Lily’s Wedding

Lily, at least, is thinking clearly. She borrows a fedora for Marshall from a passing gardener right before the vows. It looks kinda dumb but it does cover the bad hairdo.

That Ted’s Kids Would Put Up With Hearing This Extremely Long Story

Why would Penny and Luke put up with this unbelievably long story? They’re visibly impatient with the long-winded Ted, wanting him to hurry it up because it’s already been way too long. But he doesn’t listen, so couldn’t they just walk away?

Ted Makes Robin Gives Away Her Dogs Because They’re All From Her Exes

These adorable dogs love Robin and she loves them and Ted wants to disrupt the lives of her furry friends because he’s vindictively mad that they were gifts from exes? That’s so heartless. Luckily, Robin was able to give them to her aunt.

Ted Is A Fake Hopeless Romantic

Ted is supposed to be a hopeless romantic. He believes in true love and isn’t giving up until he finds The One. The character’s love life is also supposed to be a disaster. Note the use of “supposed to” here.

Barney’s Playbook

How long did it take him to author this? Did he do all his writing at a Starbucks? An independent coffee shop? How long did it take to get it printed? Did he do it all himself?

When The Cast Wore Yellow Face For The Episode “The Slap Bet”

How I Met Your Mother got slammed for racism after the show used yellow face for the episode “Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra”.

Marshall Sees Robin As A Manatee Because Of The Mermaid Theory

It’s surprising when we learn that Marshall sees Robin as a manatee when she’s clearly a beautiful woman. In this case, he isn’t attracted to her because she’s Lily’s best friend.

Robin Dates Her Therapist

Patients and therapists are not supposed to be romantically involved. It’s a pretty serious rule, and one that’s there for a reason. So Robin’s relationship with her therapist Kevin is doomed from the start.

Barney’s Hot/Crazy Scale

The scale measures a woman’s craziness in proportion to her hotness. According to Barney, a lady’s hotness should be greater than or equal to her craziness.

Tracy Dies And Ted Ends Up With Robin

How I Met Your Mother built an entire show around Ted’s journey to his true love and the mother of his children. After 9 seasons, he finally meets Tracy, and she’s perfect. Then she… dies tragically. This series finale will always be unforgivable.

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