Friends: 10 Of The Worst Reasons Couples Broke Up

Sometimes, breakups happen because they just don’t work – but these ones on Friends were for ridiculous reasons!

Ross Dumps Julie For Rachel

Julie is smart, fun, and nice to his friends, and their relationship moves at a reasonable pace. Ending a fantastic relationship because a woman he had a crush on in high school might want to go on a date frustrated a whole lot of fans.

Rachel Dumps Paul For Opening Up

She was annoyed that he didn’t open up enough, and then she decided that he opened up too much! Rather than recognizing that a man who has never spoken about his emotions might need some time to balance out after opening up, she ditches him after a few days of feelings.

Phoebe Dumps Larry For Doing His Job

Admittedly, Larry maybe took his job a little too seriously, but Phoebe still broke up with a Health Inspector because he was shutting down restaurants that violated health codes. Given that he actually thought she was impressed by this, and that when she told him that Central Perk was special to her he just gave a warning, it seems ridiculous to not at least talk this through.

Chandler Dumps An Unnamed Woman For Her Nostrils

This is so ridiculous that even in the series itself, Chandler is called out for it. The woman in question isn’t named, and doesn’t show up in the series, but is mentioned when Chandler is realizing that he routinely breaks up with women for seemingly minor things.

Charlie Dumps Ross For Her Ex

The ex in question behaves horribly – he is rude, mean, condescending, unprofessional, and generally awful. Ross may not be the ideal man himself, but Charlie leaving either of these men for the other seems like a bad idea – surely she can do better!

Monica Dumps Pete Over UFC

Yes, it would be hard to see someone you love get continually hurt, but presumably, he would give up soon enough – breaking things off after one fight, when she was about to marry him a few weeks prior, just feels extreme.

Ross Dumps Bonnie For Shaving Her Head

There is a little more to this than just a haircut, of course, but a huge part of why Ross leaves Bonnie does seem to be that she shaved her head, and he didn’t like it.

Rachel Dumps Gavin For Ross

This is despite the fact that she and Ross have ended things multiple times, already been married and divorced, and Gavin seems pretty perfect. He’s smart, capable, shares her passion and career, and they have great chemistry.

Phoebe Loses Vince & Jason Because She Can’t Decide

It’s not unreasonable for them to break up with her for this reason, but it’s definitely frustrating that the entire breakup could have been avoided if she was just clear with them both from the start (and maybe considered fire safety).

Chandler Dumps Kathy For Being A Good Actress

The reason that Chandler ended things, though, was pretty ridiculous, even for him. He got into a relationship with her despite the fact that she was dating Joey at the time, and then became jealous and paranoid, and convinced that she was cheating on him because she had great chemistry with another actor on stage.

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