HIMYM: 5 Barney Pick Up Lines That Might Actually Work

On HIMYM, Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney was famous for his pick-up lines. Here are 5 that could hold promise in reality and 5 that never would.

Might Work: “I’m The Bass Player For Cheap Trick.”

Since Barney’s already used the name of this band, it might not be the wisest thing to use the exact name yourself, but this line does have definite potential. Exchange that name for another low-key band’s and you might be able to get away with this.

It might even work for a high profile band too – after all, can you name all the members of Maroon 5 or Coldplay? Band members who blend into the background aren’t well-known, so Barney using a bass player as his hook is a technique that could go far in impressing someone with your supposed musical skills.

Might Work: “Don’t Drink That. I Saw Some Guy Slip Something In There.”

The trick here isn’t to hope to impress the lady in question but to land a wingman so devoted that he wouldn’t mind being called out as a suspect for a crime. If you can manage to get someone like that, then this will surely work

Might Work: “He’s Not Coming.”

While How I Met Your Mother played this scene for laughs, you’ll be surprised to know just how many jilted lovers there really are in New York City that can fall for this. Locations that are tourist hot spots are prime for the taking to use this too. 

All one needs to do is gauge which person around them looks like they’re desperately searching the crowd, and the opening is right there. Even if you turn out to be wrong about the situation, it’s still a good line to break the ice and get the other person laughing

Might Work: “I Can Swear You Fell Out Of Heaven, Angel.”

This line was part of a larger play where Barney had a girl believing that she was in need of medical assistance because she looked like she fell out of heaven. It was a cheesy line, sure, but one that can be pulled off if sincerely stated

Might Work: “Do You Like Magic?”

Who doesn’t like magic?” would be the correct question here. Magic tricks are a show that everyone enjoys, especially if they’re done on the fly. Yes, we’re talking about pick-up lines here, but couple this line with a genuine trick and you’re good to go.

You don’t need to come up with a large scale trick like the one Barney did, because even cheap parlor tricks can get the job done since no one expects them to play out in front of them. The line itself is important too, as you have to come across mysterious rather than weird when saying it

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