How I Met Your Mother: Best Songs Featured On The Show

From that timeless classic “Let’s Go To The Mall” to Bloc Party’s “This Modern Love,” here are some of the best songs HIMYM ever used.

Let Your Heart Hold Fast” – Fort Atlantic

Song illustrates how Barney was always the one for Robin while Ted pined for something that wasn’t there. This song played when Barney proposed to Robin, bringing to a close their “will they?/won’t they?” for a time.

It manages to simultaneously be a heartwarming and heartbreaking piece of music, as the slow-moving pace washes over the happy sentiments of Robin and Barney while highlighting Ted’s hurt feelings to realize the woman he loves is marrying someone else.

“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” – The Proclaimers

Played repeatedly due to the tape being stuck in Marshall’s car stereo, the song can make anyone sick of it only to grow on the listener so much that they start belting out the lyrics as well. It’s a wacky song that has earned its place in every How I Met Your Mother fan’s heart.

“La Vie En Rose” – Edith Piaf/Cristin Milioti

This song has always been a timeless classic, and listening to it played on a ukulele is something else. It hinges entirely on the actress’s performance, as her heart is laid bare with the feelings she has of being alone and unsure of what she wants.

It can be interpreted as a heartbreaking ballad or a song that evokes some measure of hope The Mother had for better days to come. Whatever it might be, the meaning wasn’t lost on Ted as he heard the song and was instantly enraptured by it, much like the fans.

“Let’s Go To The Mall” – Robin/Cobie Smulders

The show’s wacky nature was firmly in place when it was revealed that Robin used to be a teenage popstar back in Canada in her younger days. They even gave us a whole feature-length song to demonstrate!

“This Modern Love” – Bloc Party

How I Met Your Mother was the hip, cool new show on the scene in 2005 after Friends ended, and the newer generation responded very well to songs being utilized to play up the story. Season 1’s “This Modern Love” made the final moments a must-see, and it still ranks as a top moment in the show’s history.

“Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit” – Barney/Neil Patrick Harris

Nobody could have envisioned an entire dance number being featured on the show, especially not one that was so elaborate. Here, Barney imagined a whole musical-styled song to go with his love for suits, and we were brought along for the ride.

Being the enormously talented man that he is, Neil Patrick Harris had us wowed with his dancing skills, and the show’s prop and costume department deserve applause themselves for making the song come alive. Anybody who heard this song would have been inclined to dump their girlfriend and go off in pursuit of suits instead

“Downtown Train” – Everything But The Girl

What made this moment so beautiful was the song that seamlessly went with all the times the couple had during their marriage and completed the effect by accompanying us when we saw Ted and The Mother meet for the first time in 2013. Had the show ended right then and there, How I Met Your Mother could have pleased the fans with its finale; unfortunately, fans had the disastrous ending to follow. This takes nothing away from “Downtown Train,” though, the song that made us believe in happy endings for those few minutes.

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