Friends: 10 Quotes That Live Rent-Free In Fans’ Heads

Friends had plenty of memorable quotes during its run but some have lived on in the memories of fans since they were first uttered.

“Oh. My. God!”

Janice’s trademark expression is a simple “Oh, my God” turned up to eleven with a noticeable pause between each word. It always comes accompanied with a flapping of the hands, making the whole thing even more exaggerated. Janice utters the three words in every single one of her appearances, much to the friends’ chagrin.

“Welcome To The Real World. It Sucks, You’re Gonna Love It.”

Monica, the most put-together and successful female friend for most of the show’s run, is always there to provide wise words. This quote perfectly represents an entire generation that grew up with the show. What’s more, it has a timeless quality that captures both the struggles and benefits of leading an independent life.

“I Wish I Could But I Don’t Want To.”

During the Pilot episode, when asked if she wants to help the guys set up Ross’s new furniture, Phoebe makes use of that shameless honesty and bluntly rejects their offer. It’s a hilarious line, perfectly delivered by comedic genius Lisa Kudrow, and one that many fans wished they could use in real life.

“Seven, Seven, Seven, Seven!”

Monica gets carried away. She goes on to have an extremely vivid fantasy that leaves Chandler and Rachel both impressed and speechless. The moment ranks as one of Monica’s best in the show and the undeniable proof that she’s not as uptight as she might seem.

“I’m Hopeless And Awkward And Desperate For Love.”

Chandler’s intimacy issues play a large part in his character development throughout the entire series, even after he marries Monica. But this simple quote, meant to be comedic and light, also ends up revealing a lot about his character and is also incredibly relatable.


The scene is funny in concept but elevated in execution by David Schwimmer’s excellent comedic timing. Matthew Perry’s “Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!” is just the icing on the cake.

“How You Doin’?”

The line makes constant appearances throughout the show, and Joey even uses it on his female friends, none of which find it particularly impressive. The line also memorably does not affect Janine, who simply replies, “I’m fine,” leaving Joey stunned and embarrassed.

“I Got Off The Plane.”

In season 10, Rachel gets an opportunity to work for Louis Vuitton in Paris. She accepts and goes through the whole process but ultimately chooses to stay in New York to be with Ross. She utters the line when she first arrives at his apartment, and the two embrace, promising to get together for good.

“Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What Are They Feeding You?”

“Smelly Cat” is her best and most recognizable song, by far. It’s not only funny and quirky but also quite catchy. It became a jingle for cat food, and at one point, a label even wanted it to turn it into a mainstream hit. The entire song is even funnier, and it makes fans feel for the poor underfed cat.

“We Were On A Break!”

“We were on a break” became iconic, although maybe not for the right reasons. However, it still marks a moment in television history when millions of fans divided into Team Ross and Team Rachel and remain one of the Friends’ most quotable lines.

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