10 Breakups In Friends That Fans Were Rooting For

While some Friends breakups broke hearts, these ten were the ones that the fans were cheering on!

Rachel & Paolo

This early on in the show, fans were pretty universally rooting for Ross and Rachel, and Paolo was a very obvious roadblock to that relationship. Then, when he groped Phoebe during a massage, any lingering doubts about his relationship with Rachel were gone, and fans were thrilled to see her dump him.

Phoebe & Roger

Roger clearly thought that he was the smartest, most perceptive person in every room, and yet wasn’t perceptive enough to pick up on when people wanted to be analyzed, and when that might not be appropriate. In the end, he even gets angry about not being ‘appreciated’ for this unwanted ‘insight’, and everyone was happy to see Phoebe get rid of him.

Ross & Emily

Emily may have been a great person, but the show absolutely set her up to be hated. From the first moment she appears on the show, she is angry and rude, and while she becomes more likable over time, it’s not enough to really redeem her.

Ross & Elizabeth

Elizabeth was a nice enough person, but her relationship with Ross was incredibly inappropriate, and fans breathed a sigh of relief when he finally ended it – after realizing that perhaps they were not at the same point in their lives, and she wasn’t quite mature enough for a three-time-divorced father.

Joey & Charlie

They had nothing in common, and Ross clearly had a thing for Charlie (and was much more appropriate for her as a partner). Their eventual breakup in Barbados was one that fans saw coming a mile off, and were happy when it finally arrived.

Ross & Mona

For once, Ross actually managed to start a relationship with a wonderful, understanding, age-appropriate woman that he was getting to know slowly – but fans were rooting for it to end because Mona deserved better! She and Ross got together around the time that Rachel was pregnant (with Ross’s baby, of course), and Ross treated her terribly.

Rachel & Russ

Russ was essentially a gag character for Rachel to date, but it was an effective one, so of course, fans were rooting for them to break up! Rachel dated Russ after breaking up with Ross, and couldn’t see that they were essentially exactly the same person.

Monica & Timothy Burke

Timothy may have made a great boyfriend for Monica, but he was Richard’s son, and it was just too weird to think about Monica actively in this relationship. She and Richard were such a huge relationship on the show, and such a big part of her life, that it just felt inappropriate for her to date Timothy.

Joey & Rachel

The decision to pair up Joey and Rachel felt like lazy writing, and often just seemed awkward – especially given Rachel’s history with Ross, and then the messy Rachel/Joey/Ross/Charlie love triangle (or love square, perhaps!).

Ross & Julie

The build-up in the first season to Rachel realizing that Ross had feelings for her, and then realizing that she reciprocated them, was a huge deal, and everyone expected them to get together at that point. When Ross got off the plane with Julie, though, it was heartbreaking – and no matter how great Julie was, from that moment, fans wanted her relationship with Ross to end.

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