FRIENDS: Few Unpopular Opinions True Fans Are Furious About

FRIENDS is a TV Show started in the year 1994 but is still one of the most popular web series in the world. The fan base is enormous, and so is their income. In 2018, as reported by USA Today, Friends brings in about $1 billion per year for Warner Bros., and the actors get their syndication income from it which accounts to nearly $20 million for each actor of the main Friends gang.

But have you ever felt the show is no more the best on TV, or it has elements that aren’t the best considering the many other TV series that exist today? The series has a huge fanbase no doubt but some people find the direction is outdated; others see the characters are cringy in it. Whatever be it, there have always been some negative comments which the fans tend to ignore, but we have brought forward the points to consider and pass judgement for yourself. We do not claim or believe these comments, but some of them are hard to argue with. Check them out for yourself and if you are a Friends fan, then see if you can tackle these points!

A Few Unpopular Views About Friends Series

Here goes the list! Friends Fans can still choose to stay away if you get offended easily!


Joey Tribbiani, The Worst Human Being In The Group


Joey is a character usually loved for his cuteness and charm. He has proved to be a good friend at occasions, but a Quora user pointed out some pints to describe him as the worst human being to have existed.

Lorne Brown in Quora describes Joey as a dimwitted, selfish, hypocrite, greedy, misogynistic and cowardly. According to him, Joey is selfish because he left Chandler after getting a role in Days of Our Lives. Also, he accuses Joey to be a misogynist as he slept with women and never called them back and on top of that Joey always went on to accuse the other whenever he faced them the second time.

Treating Fat Monica As A Funny Element In The Show

Generally, on the internet, people speak against body shaming and fat-shaming. But, Friends at some point has tried to bring laughter out of people by fat-shaming young Monica. She was embarrassed so severely that she had to shed weight to be the perfect girl in the eyes of society.

So is it what the show wanted to convey? Overweight people need to change to be acceptable to the society we live in. It was almost like generating cheap laughter at the cost of overweight people in the world!

After Emma Was Born, Why Everyone Forgot About Ben?

After Emma’s birth, Ross and Rachel were so caught up with Emma that they hardly had time for Ross’ first child, Ben. A Reddit user pointed out, “I will say it’s weird that Ben isn’t at Emma’s first birthday party. I didn’t think he was at Monica and Chandler’s wedding, but I recently rewatched that episode, and he’s shown at the reception at the kid’s table. He just doesn’t have any lines.”

Moreover, can anyone remember a single scene where Ben and Emma are together? Don’t they deserve a scene as siblings?

Janice Was A Nice Person; Only Her Laughter Was Toxic


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