How I Met Your Mother: Ways Barney Is An Overrated Character

Barney Stinson is arguably the most popular to have come out of How I Met Your Mother. By all accounts, Barney is the breakout character.But that’s not to say everything about him is great. Some aspects of his character are overrated.


Catchphrases by their very definition are annoying and trite, and they’re often seen as a relatively cheap way to generate laughs and make a character popular. Barney is no different. It got a little old hearing “legendary” and “challenge accepted!” for the 30th time in a season.

His Character Development

Many love what the writers did with his character and ever-growing maturity, but others loved the playboy, immature ladies man Barney of old. Barney is one of those sitcom characters who doesn’t really need to develop and doing so arguably hurt his otherwise wacky and idiosyncratic disposition.

Barney & Robin

OK, now this is actually blasphemy, but Barney and Robin’s relationship is by far one of the most overrated aspects of How I Met Your Mother. They share very little chemistry together (even though this is noted in-universe by their nearly immediate divorce), and the beginning of the relationship was totally inorganic and forced.

The Playbook

The Playbook was introduced in season five, and while it was very popular (both in-show and out), it did a lot of negative harm to Barney’s character. It showed that he was a disgusting, immoral, and heartless jerk who would do anything to sleep with a woman (like lying and manipulating), and it was not a pretty sight to see.


No one is denying Neil Patrick Harris’s incredible acting. When Barney saw Ellie and started to well up, we all welled up alongside him. But we’re not buying it. It was a cute scene, and yes, many people are immediately turned into more caring and loving people upon seeing their child for the first time.

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