How I Met Your Mother: Proof that The Show Got Worse & Worse

How I Met Your Mother started as a fresh, funny sitcom but grew stale as the seasons progressed. Here’s how the lives of Ted and the gang got worse.

Barney’s Playbook

For instance, in “The Playbook,” Barney reveals that several women have fallen for the “My Penis Grants Wishes” play. Skip forward five years and Barney is still manipulating women with fanciful plays, such as ‘The Mannequin.’ or ‘The Jim Nacho.’ The more the book was included, the more creeped out by Barney the viewers became.

Marshall & Lily’s Relationship

This may be a controversial entry, but Marshall and Lily’s relationship was seen to grow worse as time went on. It has nothing to do with how perfect they fit together or their chemistry, but more with the fact that their relationship was built on lies and secrecy.

Treatment Of Women

Many fans have also complained that the way the writers treated female characters got worse over the course of the series. When it came to the love interests of Ted, Barney, or Marshall, they were defined by three categories: unstable, ditzy, or “hot.” Not once did the viewers ever hear the guys compliment a woman on her intelligence or her accomplishments.

Barney & Robin

Despite season 9 being set at their wedding, the writers decided to split them up in the finale to have her reunite with Ted. What was even worse was that Barney regressed into a human man-child and Robin reverted back to her bitterness. It’s no wonder the fans felt cheated…

Jokes & Gags

At first, fans found humor in their dynamic because Robin was reacting to the Barney and Nora situation. However, it started to irritate fans when Robin continued to mistreat Patrice for no reason. Even on her wedding day, Robin was seen acting completely rude towards her. It just got more cringey and uncomfortable.


For instance, in the “Rally” flash-forward, Marshall was shown to be bald. However, by “Last Forever,” he had all of his hair. Similarly, the flashback in “Last Forever – Part 1” sees Robin say she had no friends yet the pilot shows her on a girls’ night out. The little inconsistencies were confusing, to say the least.

Character Development

When the viewers first met the gang, they couldn’t help but see what a good fit they were. They were loyal, caring, and extremely likable. However later Lily became more manipulative and controlling; Robin became selfish and mean, and Barney became more sleazy and creepier. Even Marshall was a tad more selfish near the end.

Ted & Robin

For years, Ted was seen pining for the news anchor even though she had chosen Barney over him. Robin even made it clear that she wasn’t in love with Ted, which is why it came as a great surprise to all that her residual feelings came back in the finale. It was this constant yo-yo-ing that got annoying.

Ted’s Lack Of Development

It was quite ironic that Ted would moan about his failed relationships when he didn’t take his own actions into account. He cheated on Victoria and ruined Zoey’s marriage. Let’s not forget his unwillingness to let Robin go. The fact that he fell into the same patterns shows he didn’t grow.

The Lack Of The Mother

When Tracy was first introduced, she was hardly featured. The writers rubbed salt in the wound further when it was revealed that the whole point of the story was to show Robin and Ted’s love. Tracy deserved better than being used as a mere plot device.

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