How I Met Your Father: 10 Jokes The New Show Should Continue

One of the best bits of How I Met Your Mother was the running jokes – and these are the ones that How I Met Your Father should keep.

Musical Moments

So many of the running gags in How I Met Your Mother center on music, from the entire Robin Sparkles storyline to the ‘bangity-bang’ song (ready to go whenever someone had sex), to Marshall’s constant singing, to the full-blown musical episode, ‘Girls Vs Suits’.

Haaaave You Met…

Maybe it’s just casually dropped in, or maybe it’s something that the new characters pick up from somewhere, so the audience knows that the gang’s legacy lives on.

Major Running Gag

Major Buzzkill gets a salute. So does General Knowledge, and Colonel Stuck In My Teeth. It’s definitely a fun way to connect to the original series, and it doesn’t get old.

A Long-Standing Mystery

Throughout the entire show, no one knew what he did, and he would only say ‘please’ when asked about it. This is definitely something that could happen again, although it doesn’t have to be a job. Just having some major aspect of a character that is unknown for the whole show would be a great way to reference this.

A Pineapple Incident

Whether a literal pineapple or just a long-term, minor mystery, How I Met Your Father should have a pineapple of its own.

Telepathic Conversations

These lead to some truly hilarious moments, but also show just how close these friends are – and are a great way to convey their connection. This would definitely make for an easily transferred running gag.

Narrations And Censoring

Given that the new show will follow the basic format of the main character telling a story to her children, fans will be hoping to see similar narration and additions from future-Hilary-Duff.


For one thing, it’s just an interesting way to see what the character’s worst habits are, but it would also be interesting to see how this idea was passed to the new group. Perhaps they come across the banner in the apartment themselves, and the legacy is passed on?


Some (like stripper Lily) get more attention than others, but there’s a constant feeling of wondering when the final ones will show up. While the chances of this happening are pretty slim, it would definitely be a fun callback to the original show.

Barney’s Blog

This is also a perfect crossover gag, as the new gang finds Barney’s blog, and gets to connect to some of the original stories, from Barney’s perspective, and from years in the future. Legen-wait for it-dery!

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