Times when Ted And Robin Were Relationship Goals in HIMYM

The How I Met Your Mother series finale was controversial, but it was obvious throughout the sitcom that Ted and Robin were meant to be together.

Ted Steals The Blue French Horn For Robin

n one of the most iconic scenes of the series, Ted steals the blue French horn for Robin in the How I Met Your Mother pilot. Ted goes back to Robin’s apartment when her newscast finishes early and holds it up when she sees him through her window.

The instrument becomes a symbol of the love the two of them share, and it spends a couple of seasons hanging up on Robin’s wall. The next time Ted and Robin visited the restaurant the staff demands it back. It also happens to be the night their relationship ends.

Robin Trusts Ted With Her Deepest Secret

Some people might want others to know about their fame, but Robin was embarrassed by her past. She went to extreme lengths to keep her friends from finding out the truth about Robin Sparkles, and Ted realized that they all need to respect her privacy.

Ted Finds Robin’s Locket

When Barney is with Robin’s dad, Robin calls Ted to help her find her necklace. She finds the box only to discover that it’s empty. Robin worries that it means she’s not supposed to marry Barney, so Ted spends weeks tracking down her locket which was halfway across the world.

Ted Hires A String Quartet To Play For Robin

Ted Mosby is best known for his romantic gestures, and when it came to Robin, he went all out. There came a point when Ted and Robin were both well aware of their feelings for each other, and nothing was stopping them from being together, other than themselves.

Ted fills Robin’s entire apartment with roses and hires a string quartet with blue instruments to pay tribute to the blue French horn. When Robin talks to her dog’s vet about it, she helps her realize how incredible Ted was.

They Make A Marriage Pact

It might not sound romantic, but Ted’s fake proposal to Robin was one of the couple’s best scenes. After their breakup, they both struggle in the dating world and realize they could end up old and alone. They decide to make a pact that if they’re 40 and still single, they’ll marry each other.

Ted gets on one knee and asks Robin to be his backup wife, which she enthusiastically agrees to with a hug. When they pull away, there’s a moment of connection that shows that there are still some lingering feelings that might not ever go away.

Ted Is The First Person Robin Says “I Love You” To

Out of all the people Robin dated throughout her life, she had never been able to say “I love you.” There were plenty of times throughout their relationship when Robin knew she felt that way about Ted, but she struggled to get the words out.

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