14 Throwback Pics Of Matthew Perry Too Good To Ignore

At the age of 15, Perry decided that acting was his calling, making the move from Ottawa, Canada, out to Los Angeles. We’re glad he did, as Perry would burst onto the scene in the ‘90s, becoming one the most popular sitcom stars, of course, for his role as Chandler on Friends.
Here are 14 throwback pics of Matthew Perry too good to ignore. Enjoy the article folks, and be sure to share it with a friend!

Hanging Out With Johnny Depp

This is definitely a photo we never thought we’d stumble upon… A young Matthew Perry was photographed with an equally young Johnny Depp in 1997.

Chandler And Monica

Although Ross and Rachel’s “will they won’t they” relationship on the sitcom was iconic, there’s no denying that Monica and Chandler had a memorable relationship. Still to this day, over nearly 20 years ago, fans love seeing photos of Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry reuniting.

The Trio

Ross’s red shirt and baggy pants are pretty typical, and Joey’s white pants and blue jeans remind us of something he would have worn on Friends, but Chandler’s blue blouse and blue jeans really make us cringe. And don’t even get us started on that belt…

A Very Young Matthew Perry

Perry starred in the 80s film, A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon, alongside River Phoenix. This was actually one of Matthew’s very first roles, and it’s rather obvious when looking at the photo above.

Hockey With Joey

Another 90s pic of Matthew Perry, but this time he’s photographed with Friends co-star Matt LeBlanc, and both look to be participating in a Hockey match. The photo was taken in 1994 when the TV stars attended the Homeless 4 Hockey Charity event.

Perry And Aniston

There’s no denying that Jennifer Aniston became one of the biggest stars to come out of the show. Before all that though, they were all seemingly regular people just trying to make it in Hollywood. This photo of Aniston and Perry reading lines for Friends says it all.

With Christina Applegate

We all remember the Friends episodes where we meet Rachel’s sister (in season 9) Amy, but what we didn’t know is that Matthew Perry and Christina Applegate (who portrayed Amy Green) were friends even before she guest-starred on the sitcom. In fact, Applegate has revealed that she’s known Matthew since the two were “little babies.”

Friends Cast Throwback

Cox posted this emotional photo to her IG, showing the last dinner before the final episode, “The Last Supper” before taping “The Last One” on Jan 23, 2004.” An iconic photo to say the least, oh to be a fly on the wall during that sit-down. It was an emotional goodbye for both the fans and the cast.

Courteney And Matthew

The photo above was taken in 1997, around the time season 4 aired, which was when these two began a relationship on the show. When looking at photos like the one above, it’s clear that not a whole lot of “acting” had to go into making fans believe they had great chemistry together.

Those Shades

Who would have guessed that 20 years later, the sunglasses that Joey and Chandler wore in the first season of Friends would be in style today? They are spotted on every big celeb out there. It seems like everything “retro” is making a comeback, and we can partially thank the Friends cast for that.

Typical 90s

Although we realize the 90s were a very different time, we can’t help but cringe a little when looking at the photo above. His outfit is not that shocking considering the type of clothes Chandler used to wear on the show, but the props in the photoshoot are simply laughable.

80s Headshot

Perry starred in the short-running 1987 TV series Second Chance, which was later changed to Boys Will Be Boys. Even though the show did not go on for more than one season, it was Matthew’s first taste of TV.

Matthew, Is That You?

We did see his body weight fluctuate quite a bit through the different seasons on Friends, but based on photos of him as a kid, he always had the same, round face. It seems like he’s always had the same smile, too.

Beverly Hills, 90210

You probably forgot this (or are too young to even remember), but Matthew Perry once guest-starred on the popular sitcom Beverly Hills, 90210, alongside stars Luke Perry, Jason Priestley, Tori Spelling. This was actually before the world got to know him as Chandler Bing, as it was for an episode that aired in 1991.

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