How To Make HIMYM’s Turturkeykey

Here’s how to make Ted Mosby’s Turturkeykey from How I Met Your Mother courtesy of YouTube pop culture cook Binging with Babish.

Here’s how to make Turturkeykey from HIMYM  Ted Mosby sent an audible shudder down the spines of all his friends when he announced that would be creating a Turturkeykey during the How I Met Your Mother season 6 Thanksgiving episode. Featured in the episode, “Blitzgiving,” the Turturkeykey, according to Ted, was going to be a turkey stuffed not with actual stuffing, but rather a slightly smaller turkey. Future Ted told his kids that it was the fall of 2010 and he wanted the first Thanksgiving he was hosting for his friends to be unforgettable.

Unfortunately younger Ted walks right into his own path of destruction as a result of choosing to leave the bar early to prep his not-so-legendary creation. As a result, he becomes the heir to the throne that nobody wants, that of the doomed “Blitz.” The Blitz was Ted and Marshall’s old college friend Steve Henry  who always had a habit of leaving early before epic adventures occurred. The Blitz would remark “Aw, man!’ when he heard about the events he had missed out on, like the beer tap busting that resulted in the bartender proclaiming free beer for everyone. Ted refused to believe that the curse of the Blitz would pass on to him by leaving early to brine his Turturkeykey. But when he leaves, his friends have the most incredible night of their lives.

Although a more traditional turkey may be more of a hit in most households, YouTube pop culture cook Binging with Babish created a how-to Turturkeykey video. Check it out below.

While the how-to video may be a more effective way of inserting one turkey into another, (rather than the Ted Mosby shoehorn method that causes Robin to declare she’ll only be eating sides for Thanksgiving) the Turturkeykey may or may not be the best choice due to the risk of uneven cooking of the two turkeys as well as the potential lack of ease in serving for the family. (Or potential fun depending on perspective.)

How I Met Your Mother had many notable Thanksgiving episodes over it’s nine season tenure, but the season 6 Turturkeykey episode was one of its best. When Ted wakes up Thanksgiving morning, he finds his friends in various states of disarray, the result of a wild night that he had the misfortune of missing due to making his copyright pending Turturkeykey. Ted realized he had indeed been struck by the curse of the Blitz when his friends mocked him, saying the dreaded phrase, “you had to be there,” and he opened his shower curtain to find his ex girlfriend Zoey .While Ted eventually escaped the curse of the Blitz (it passing back to poor Steve) he admitted his Turturkeykey tasted wrong. However, he did end up sharing a memorable meal with his friends, including Zoey after they made peace with each other.

While the curse of the Blitz may live on, the copyright for the Turturkeykey is still pending.

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