Matthew Perry And Courteney Cox: How Close Are They In Real Life?

Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox are still incredibly close despite not being in front of the camera every day, and it continues to delight fans. While all of the Friends cast are linked forever, these two have maintained a special relationship. But the real question is, just how close are they?

Grab your unagi and a giant coffee cup, sit back in the apartment and find out:

New Relationship Rumors

Fan communities have long since shipped them as one of the show’s most popular couples, so to be hearing rumors of them getting together in real life made fan’s heads explode. While these are still only unsubstantiated rumors, it hasn’t stopped the speculation.

She Called Him Once She Was Single

Following Cox ending her relationship with Snow Patrol’s Johnny David, there was one person she reached out to first – Mr. Chandler Muriel Bing. Sources say that the closeness of their friendship made him the ideal person to call, but who knows what they really talked about now that Courteney is single.

He Has Always Loved Her

According to US Magazine, Matthew Perry has “always been in love” with Courteney Cox, and not just in a Chandler and Monica type of way. The two actors have worked closely together multiple times, and created a fantastical love story for many years on a beloved show – that couldn’t happen if there wasn’t an actual spark between them.

Cougar Town Guest Appearance

While Perry was only on the show for one episode, it was a highly marketed appearance of their reunion as a couple. For Perry to take time to join Cox’s fledgling show proves one thing – there is nothing he wouldn’t do for her.

Their Other Relationships Have Never Worked Out

Perry has never been married despite having a slew of high-profile relationships with celebrities like Julia Roberts and Yasmine Bleeth. Cox had a long-term marriage to David Arquette and carried on other relationships before and after, however, cannot seem to find one which will last forever. Perhaps she is waiting for both her and Perry to be available?

Social Media Flirting

During the COVID-19 quarantine, many stars are still reaching out to their fans through TikTok, including showing off their terrible dance moves. When Courteney Cox decided to show off her own dance moves, Perry was quick to respond by ribbing her on just how terrible they were.

She Stood By Him In Rehab

Thankfully, he was able to overcome his inner demons and get the help he needed by checking in to rehab. While this must have been difficult for him, he really did have his “friends” there with him, including Courteney who stood by him the entire time until he was strong enough to leave.

Perry Hoped For A Real Relationship

The two have remained incredibly close since their landmark show ended, and those rumors about Perry still holding those feelings have never been extinguished. The couple has maintained such a close friendship following the show, so if Perry really did have felt back then, it would have been almost impossible for those feelings to dissipate.

Rumors Of Previous Hook Ups

The rumor mill has always been rampant that they have hooked up behind the scenes. What happens in Hollywood, stays in Hollywood so fans will likely never figure out for sure if it ever really transpired.

Lunch Dates

If everyone looked at their relationships the way Matthew Perry looks at Courteney Cox, the world would be a better place. When the paparazzi captured these two out to lunch together on Hollywood Boulevard, Friends fans united at the prospect of the two of them getting together.

Go On Guest Appearance

Just like how Matthew took a guest-starring role on Cougar Town, Cox took a page out of his book and had made an appearance on one of his ill-fated shows. Unfortunately, Perry has a history of joining shows with rarely make it off the ground and are canceled quickly.

She Is Always Looking Out For Him

When a candid photo of Matthew Perry emerged looking very disheveled, fans were quick to jump out and claim that he was back into substance abuse again. However, Cox was even quicker to jump to his side and aid. She wound up posting a picture on Instagram of the two of them together to prove that he was in good shape, just to stop the negative vibes coming his way.


Matthew Perry is already engaged, Fans are still excited to see Perry and Cox together. We’ll keep an eye to see if they still have this Chemistry together or are simply moved on by breaking fans hearts.

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