The Evolution of ‘FRIENDS’ Star Matt LeBlanc from Small-time Model to The Icon He is Today

Matt LeBlanc’s story of struggle is emotional, sentimental, and will make you want to believe in hard work. The actor had struggled a lot before he finally landed a role in the famous sitcom Friends in the year 1994 as Joey Tribbiani, and we all know how he’s doing since then. Here are some pictures of Matt LeBlanc that show how he has indeed risen from the ground!

A Massachusetts Carpenter

For many of us who have known Matt as Joey, we would have never pictured him as a working carpenter from Massachusetts. But there he was, a working-class boy in the Boston area living with his mom, dreaming of making it big in the city of his dreams, New York.

Teenage Boy With Big Dreams

Anyone who has known and followed Matt LeBlanc’s career would know that he has only worked his way up. And he has worked hard. He is often caught telling the story of how he only had enough money to survive for a week in the city of New York when he first moved.

Commercial Modeling

Although it was always Matt’s dream to model, he chose the other way around to be famous after trying several times and failing because of reasons like his height. This was when he started auditioning for commercials. Matt was featured in various commercials like Coca-Cola and Heinz Ketchup in the late 80s and early 90s.

Bon Jovi’s Miracle

Like everyone else in the business, Matt has also been around and done many jobs before he was a multi-millionaire. He featured in various music videos from famous artists like Bon Jovi’s Miracle and Walk Away by Alanis Morisette. This was the time when Matt was actually discovered as someone who has a strong presence on the screen.

Starring Guest

When you have watched a character for too long, you can’t associate him/her with anything else. Well, this is how Matt LeBlanc’s old scenes from the dark comedy Married With Children will make you feel. He also made a guest appearance in Top Of The Heap and Vinnie & Bobby.

Favorite Friend

Practice makes a man perfect. The auditions and guest appearances finally made Matt LeBlanc confident enough to audition for the show Friends. And look, here we are. As per The Guardian, Matt nailed the audition in one go, and there was no confusion for casting people in choosing him as Joey.

From $11 To $100 Million

In one of his interviews with Independent, Matt mentioned that he only had $11 in his pocket when he received the news of being cast as Joey in Friends. He also says that he would have never gone for the audition had it not been for his female friend who also was an actress.

Trouble Making Love Last

In a celebrity’s life, rumors about their love life are pretty standard. Matt’s life has been a roller coaster when it comes to relationships. Some would also say that he has trouble making love last. His wife and former model Melissa Mc Knight broke up with him soon after the show Friends was aired.

Golden Globe Boy

This was much deserved in the year 2012, LeBlanc won the Golden Globe award for the Best Actor in a television series. Not only this but he was also nominated for an additional four Primetime Emmy Awards. Matt LeBlanc totally deserved this award for comedy, and he got it.

Reel And Real Life Lovers

Matt has always known to have love interests somewhere or the other. And of course, he does, have you not seen how good-looking he is? He began to date Andrea Anders soon after his marriage was broken up. So not only Andrea and Matt were hooking up in Friends, the show but in real life as well.

The Age Of Joey