Fan Theories About Rachel Green from FRIENDS Make Too Much Sense To Ignore

Rachel Green is one of the most famous sitcom characters. She’s fashionable, she’s funny, and her short, layered hairstyle even became super trendy back in the ’90s.

Keep reading for some theories that fans of the show have come up with about Jennifer Aniston’s Friends character.

Rachel Dreams All 10 Seasons Of Friends The Day Prior To Getting Married Because She’s Nervous

We totally get having pre-wedding day jitters, and Rachel did wear a soaking wet gown to Central Perk and clearly had no interest in becoming Barry’s wife. So, we definitely can’t ignore this one.

Rachel And Parks And Rec Character Ben Wyatt Have A History

Where does this fan theory come from? Monica says that Rachel and a man named Ben Wyatt were intimate the first time that they went out. The website says that some fans mentioned on Reddit that they were both in their 20s then.

Ross And Rachel Can’t Make It Work Because They Are Literally Cursed From Ross’ Umbrella Opening In Episode 1