‘HIMYM’: 8 OF YOUR Favourite Episodes

You’ve seen the eps the stars of ”How I Met Your Mother” picked; now, the ones you named: C’mon get Slap-py!

Slap Bet

No episode is more quintessential than ”Slap Bet.” I have it saved on Tivo and show it to anyone not initiated into HIMYM. Robin Sparkles. Slap Bet Commissioner. Canada jokes. After those 30 minutes, they are hooked.

The Bracket

”The bracket.” Hands down, best episode EVER. Of any TV show. Of All Time.


”Slapsgiving.” That was the first episode I ever watched. I thought it was so funny, I went out and bought the previous seasons on DVD and was not disappointed! I’ve been hooked ever since!

The Swarley

”The Swarley” episode was  favorite. We almost fell out of my chair laughing!

The Pineapple Incident

”The Pineapple Incident.” Drunk Ted is probably the best thing HIMYM has ever given us, apart from Barney Stinson, Robin Sparkles, and all of Marshall’s music.

The Naked Man

”The Naked Man.” We love Lily’s list of reasons to have sex.
The platinum rule
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”The Platinum Rule”: ”Love thy neighbor, but never, ever LOVE thy neighbor.” Truer words have never been spoken on HIMYM.
Sweet taste of liberty
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”Sweet Taste of Liberty.” That was the episode that made us all fall in love with the series.

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