The Big Bang Theory: 10 Times Leonard Should Have Been Fired

Dr. Leonard Hofstadter is the straight man in The Big Bang Theory. As the most conventional and put-together member of the group, he has less trouble functioning in social situations than his initially hapless friends. Like the others, Leonard works at Caltech as an experimental physicist, a job he holds for the entirety of the series.

10.Overall Lack Of Achievement

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In stark contrast to Sheldon, Howard, and even Raj, Leonard doesn’t achieve much in his line of work. A running gag in the show is that Leonard is stuck and has no original research. Instead, he settles for replicating the results of other people’s experiments.

9.Meeting With HR

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It seems that every time the guys visit human resources, things end badly for them. As the least problematic member of the group, Leonard only goes to Mrs. Davis in extreme situations. However, his mistakes are often so egregious that it’s strange they never get him fired.

8.Clumsy Attempts To Get Tenure

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In the season 6 episode “The Tenure Turbulence,” Leonard competes with Sheldon, Raj, and Kripke for tenure at Caltech. They each stoop to ridiculous and ethically questionable levels to get the coveted position. Leonard attempts to bond with Mrs. Davis by working out with her, but he only succeeds in giving himself a heart attack.

7.Revealing Government Secrets

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Throughout season 10, Leonard works with Sheldon and Howard on a guidance system for the military. Eventually, they take over the project at the end of the season, leaving the guys out of the final stages. In season 11, however, Sheldon has an idea and contacts the military behind Leonard and Howard’s backs. Angry and betrayed, they, in turn, go to Barry Kripke, who double-crosses everyone and takes the project for himself.

6.Falsifying Data

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In the season 2 finale, “The Monopolar Expedition,” all four guys agree to go on an expedition to the North Pole to detect magnetic monopoles, thus proving the validity of string theory. However, and after three months locked in with Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard tamper with the results of one of his experiments, leading him to believe he confirmed string theory “and forever changed man’s understanding of the universe.”

5.Buying Ilegal Helium

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In the season 9 episode “The Helium Insufficiency,” Sheldon and Leonard discover that a Swedish team is trying to prove their Superfluid Helium theory. In desperate need of liquid helium, they turn to one of Howard’s shady dealers to buy it from the black market.

4.The Joyce Kim Debacle

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Joyce Kim was a North Korean spy and one of Leonard’s former girlfriends. At the time, Leonard was working on a rocket fuel project under DARPA contract and Joyce Kim was attempting to get information about his work. The two dated for 27 days in 2003 before she defected back to North Korea.

3.Using Grant Money To Buy A Laser

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In season 12, President Siebert puts Leonard in charge of deciding what to do with some extra funding. Raj, Kripke, and Dr. Lee all want the grant money, forcing the famously insecure Leonard to become more assertive and decisive when saying no.

2.”Physics Is Dead”

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In the season 11 episode “The Retraction Reaction,” Leonard gives an interview on public radio where he literally states that Caltech is making no important breakthrough in physics. He goes as far as admitting that physics research itself might be a dead-end.

1.Sleeping With Penny In His Office

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In the season 6 episode “The Holographic Excitation,” Penny wants to understand more about Leonard’s work. She visits him at Caltech and he explains some of his experiments to her. Aroused, she initiates sex with him, which he’s more than happy to accept.

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