Someone Edited Photos of Big Bang Theory Nerds Wearing the Sablay

The pandemic is forcing people to do silly and hilarious memes out of boredom, and this is one of them. Spencer Cuneta Lopez was searching for inspiration for memes when he came across edited photos of international celebrities wearing the barong and U.P.’s sablay. That’s when he decided to photoshop the brainy characters from Big Bang Theory. The result is hilarious.

104211654_3156535157723391_3618885932282668353_n.jpg (466×540)

“I have a background on image editing from back in high school and I decided to use my time during the quarantine to provide humor to the social media community,” said Lopez.

Lopez wanted to convey political commentary in a humorous way, so he parodied the characters from Big Bang Theory.

103072150_3156535771056663_7533454471476306043_n.jpg (350×525)

The edited images look impeccable. The lighting for the faces and the body, as well as the image resolution match, creating foolproof renditions of the characters.

102437671_3156536381056602_8080294770641533775_n.jpg (370×518)

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