10 Things Even Diehard Fans of ‘Friends’ Didn’t Know About Chandler

Ms. Chanandler Bong, played by Matthew Perry, is the sarcastic awkward comedian of the Friends crew who always knows when to crack a joke to cut through the tension. They laughed along with his cringe-worthy struggles and grinned from ear to ear when Chandler and Monica finally said “I do.” And while most fans feel they know everything there is to know about Chandler, except what his job is, the Chan-Chan man does have a few secrets. Here are the 10 things even diehard fans didn’t know about Chandler:

He Is Half Scottish

In season 7, episode 15 “The One with Joey’s New Brain”, fans discovered that Chandler is half Scottish. Ross, thinking he’s doing a good deed, attempts to learn the bagpipes to surprise Monica and Chandler at their wedding because of Chandler’s family’s origin.

His Middle Name Is Muriel

Chandler Muriel Bing… no wonder this poor character had issues with his parents. Chandler’s middle name was kept a secret for most of the series. Fans didn’t learn his full name until season 8, episode 5 “The One with Rachel’s Date” when Chandler accidentally revealed his middle name to Ross.

His Father’s Stage Name Is Helena Handbasket

Chandler’s estranged father’s real name is Charles Bing but when he is up on the stage during his drag show performance, Viva Las Gaygas, his name changes to Helena Handbasket. Another fun fact about Chandler’s dad is that the character is actually played by a woman, Kathleen Turner.

Originally Written As A Supporting Character

If the creators had gone with their original plan, fans wouldn’t have seen much of the beloved Chan-Chan man. Chandler and Phoebe were supposed to only be supporting characters, popping in only every now and then. This would have meant that the most solid couple of the show would not have happened.

Matthew Perry Suggested Chandler Be Awkward Around Women

One of Chandler’s most endearing qualities is his awkwardness around women. Anytime he’s around a woman he is attracted to, he starts fumbling over his words and making uncomfortable jokes. The character was written this way because Matthew Perry himself is awkward around women.

Chandler Dated Susie Underpants In Real Life

In season 2, episode 13 “The One After the Superbowl, Part 2”, fans met the vengeful Susie Moss, also known as Susie Underpants, played by Julia Roberts. Susie was the poor girl who Chandler horribly embarrassed in elementary school when he lifted her skirt in front of the entire auditorium.

Matthew Perry Also Dated Yasmine Bleeth

And he was probably incredibly envious of the men Yasmine dated. But in real life, he is one of those men. Matthew Perry and Yasmine dated for a few months in 1996 after his break up with Julia Roberts. Not everything is meant to last, except Monica and Chandler’s relationship; which will last forever in the hearts of the fans.

Was The Only One Allowed In The Screenwriting Room

Perry started telling jokes and being the class clown when he was a kid. Perry has always enjoyed making people laugh. When he was 15 he realized he could make a living off of making people laugh and that’s exactly what he did.

His Parents Are Divorced In Real Life

Even though Perry’s father, John Bennett Perry, is not a drag queen he is in show business. John Perry was an actor who actually made an appearance on Friends as Joshua’s father. Divorced parents are just one more thing Perry has in common with his character.

Chandler Worked In Data Processing

He started as a temp at a data processing company and was eventually promoted to the data processing supervisor with a specialization in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. The great mystery about Chandler Bing has been solved.

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