10 Characters From FRIENDS Who Deserve To Be A Part Of The Reunion

The iconic FRIENDS sitcom is still etched in our memories and finally, the shooting of its reunion is about to begin. Eventually, after months of rumors and anticipation, the HBO Max’s special will begin shooting next week in Los Angeles. However, HBO remained silent on the matter and there’s no word yet on a release date either.

So here goes a list of characters apart from the main six characters from the show who also deserve to be a part of the special reunion. Let’s check out:

Ugly Nak*d Guy – Jon Haugen

The show makers might have hidden his identity because they did not want the guy to get stuck by the name ugly forever. But given the current situation, he would be more proud than being insulted if someone calls him by that name. The popularity of the show has made it possible to turn him into a remarkable character who is also our beloved in some way. So it would be great to disclose the identity of the character publically in this reunion of FRIENDS.

Frank – Giovanni Ribisi

Having Phoebe’s brother at the reunion with the rest of the six main characters will surely make it more interesting. Also, it was a progressive step in itself to show Phoebe giving birth to Frank’s children. So it would be great to acknowledge the same in this special episode.

Amy Green – Christina Applegate

She showed us the ultimate level of annoyance and we will surely miss her in the special episode. Her expressions were perfect and her actions were so selfish but she never failed to entertain us.

Carol – Jane Sibbett

Showing a wedding of two girls in a time when the acceptance was so low was a bold move that FRIENDS can be proud of. So now when they meet again and in a time that has more acceptance than before, it won’t be wrong to brag about this bold move and show the world why FRIENDS was a pioneer in itself.

Sandra Green – Marlo Thomas

Sandra Green had very scarce appearances in the show but every time she comes in, we loved the storyline and the character too. We know Ross & Monica’s parents are coming then why not Rachel’s? Also, she loved hanging out with these young fellows as it made her feel lively and young.

Ben – Cole Sprouse

We have seen his bond with Ross and the rest of the friends. So, seeing him again at the reunion all grown-up with the gang would be nice. Also, it’s not a hidden fact that Ben played by Cole Sprouse had a huge crush on Jennifer, so it would be great to see him blush while he sits next to her in the show and they discuss the time when he missed on his lines because of Jennifer.

Charles Bing -Kathleen Turner

Charles Bing was played by a woman whom we know as Kathleen Turner. Yes, she made her character in the show very convincing as we believed it when the show said he was like a woman in a man’s body. In an interview, she mentioned not receiving pleasant treatment at the show for unknown reasons.

Nora Bing – Morgan Fairchild

Though she had a scarce appearance in the show, her character was crucial and we would have enjoyed more of her. However, she wasn’t a great parent to Chandler. But that behind, she played her character quite well and helped us see an aspect of the society that we usually tend to ignore.

Ron Leibman – Dr. Leonard Green

Dr. Geller was an amusing personality who didn’t go very well with Ross all the time. Their meets were awkward and funny and that is what loved about him the most. But sadly the creators of the show can’t call him to the show as he died on December 6, 2019, at the age of 82. We would miss you sir and we definitely would have loved to see him undermine Ross for one last time.

Mike – Paul Rudd

Mike was the boyfriend and later husband of Phoebe in the show. Considering the fact that he’s Phoebe’s husband now, it won’t be strange to see him in the show where they are meeting after such a long time. Also, his quirky sense of humor and perfect line delivery proves that he surely deserves to be in the reunion.

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