10 Funniest Dances by the Main Characters of ‘Friends’

From time to time, the gang sent viewers into fits of laughter by dancing. The following entertaining dancing scenes prove they weren’t afraid to let loose and goof around.

Big Ol’ Baddy

Joey Tribbiani enters Monica’s apartment joyously dancing and singing, “Oh mommy, oh daddy, I am a big old baddie!” He exits without talking to any of his friends. Ross rightly assumes Joey must have landed a part in the highly anticipated play. Chandler immediately cuts in on the conversation and sarcastically remarks, “Yeah, either that or Gloria Estefan was right, eventually, the rhythm is going to get you.”

Phoebe’s Tap Dance

In season 1’s “The One with the Fake Monica,” Monica obsesses over the woman who has stolen her credit card. She tracks her down to a tap-dance class and takes Phoebe and Rachel along to observe her. While Monica grapples with the rhythm of the dance, Rachel picks up slowly. As for Phoebe, she does a hilarious imitation of the instructor in front of her.

Joey’s Got Two Left Feet

Impressed with Joey’s experience, the director leaves him the responsibility of teaching a complex dance sequence to the dance crew. Back home, when Phoebe and Chandler check to see if Joey can dance at all, he shocks them with his awful moves. Phoebe covers her mouth in dismay and Chandler goes, “Oh no, no, no, no.”

Chandler’s Wedding Dance

Sadly, Chandler overlooked the importance of comfortable wedding shoes. His slippery shoes resulted in several mishaps and had him wishing the dance floor turned into sand. Chandler made quite a spectacle of himself by struggling to dance with his wife. There’s a memory the Bings will never forget.

Chandler Stole Jack’s Moves

The second time around, Monica encouraged Chandler to move freely, and therefore he gained enough confidence to flail his arms around. This could have gone on for a while had it not been for Jack Geller’s intervention. “Chandler, I’m going to have you arrested,” said his father-in-law before accusing him of stealing his moves.

Rachel’s Cheerleading

In an attempt to woo Joshua, she confidently marches through her unenthusiastic, but worried friends. As Rachel cartwheels at the end of her number, she crashes and chips her tooth. Monica and Joey rush to her aid and the whole thing is just plain hilarious to watch.

Chandler Doesn’t Dance At Weddings

Rachel is in denial about her ex-boyfriend Ross’s hasty engagement to Emily. She confidently tells Chandler he’d be dancing at her wedding before Ross’s. The chan-chan man, in turn, tells her he prefers not to dance at weddings because they are a great place to meet women and he’s an awkward dancer.

The Routine

Though the Routine is a montage of steps and moves that don’t seem to go together, the Geller children think they are killing it. Their dance routine catches the director’s eye, but with a twist. He orders his cameramen to get every bit of the over-the-top number for the show’s blooper reel.

The Robot

While up on the platform, the oldest of the two, Ross suggests he do the Robot. What follows next is his terrible attempt at imitating a dancing robot. Monica chimes in and orders her brother to stick to the routine to avoid looking stupid.

The Guys Dance

None of the dances beat that hilarity of Chandler, Joey, and Ross dancing to Marcel’s selection of music in “The One with All the Poker.” It’s a typical evening at Ross’s apartment — the three guys are eating pizza and hashing things out.

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