Jennifer Aniston Wishes Her ‘Friends’ Co-Star & Ex-Boyfriend Paul Rudd On His Birthday

Paul Rudd turned 52 on April 6, receiving some birthday love from a bunch of celebrity friends.

But Jennifer Aniston will have to take the biscuit for the most candid birthday message addressed to the Ant-Man star. The Morning Show actress posted a throwback picture with her Friends co-star Rudd, who’s seemingly incapable of aging.

Jennifer Aniston Knows Paul Rudd Hasn’t Aged A Day Since His ‘Friends’ Role

“Happy birthday Paul Rudd,” Jennifer Aniston wrote on her Instagram stories.

“You don’t age, which is weird, but we celebrate you anyway,” she continued.

She also posted a picture from a 2021 GQ photoshoot of the two of them having a pillow fight.

“I love you,” she wrote.

Over the years, Aniston made headlines regarding her relationship with other celebrities. She and Rudd used to date way back in the day. The two of them first met in 1998 when they starred in The Object of My Affection. The characters they played were love interests. Rudd and Aniston began to date soon after their time together on the set of the movie.

However, their romance would be very short-lived. Aniston would go on to date and eventually marry actor Brad Pitt. Aniston and Rudd remained friends for years and have worked together multiple times. Once was in 2002 when Rudd appeared in Friends as Phoebe’s love interest. The two stars would appear as love birds again later on.

In 2012, Aniston and Rudd starred in the film Wanderlust together. The film is about a married couple who move to a commune to escape modern society. The two actors portrayed the married couple. Aniston and Rudd had a couple of awkward encounters whenever they had met but managed to stay on positive terms.

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