Most Iconic Scenes of Each Main Characters of ‘Friends’

Fans love so many things about Friends, from the theme song to the Central Perk coffee shop to the character’s close friendship. It really felt like these characters grew up together and learned how to find success in their work and romantic lives. The main characters on Friends each have at least one moment that is very memorable and famous, whether it’s part of a sad episode or the beginning of one of the major love stories on the sitcom.

Richard Burke: When He And Monica Wanted Different Things

They talked about the future and Richard said they could live in France. But since Monica wanted to have kids, she had a rude awakening that they wouldn’t be able to stay together. The two slow danced and Richard said that he would have children, but Monica knew that it wasn’t what was in his heart, so they decided to split up.

Gunther: When He Told Rachel He Loved Her

Rachel was very polite, and it seems like she definitely could tell how Gunther felt, as she was always extra nice to her. Viewers didn’t know a lot about Gunther, but they knew that he had a huge crush on Rachel and that she got away with not being the best employee at Central Perk because of it.

Janice: When She Laughed Hysterically Before Chandler Broke Up With Her

When Chandler broke up with Janice at Central Perk, he was really nervous and scared, but he knew that it was necessary. Chandler asked if she wanted more coffee and she answered by laughing hysterically. Then Chandler broke up with her and she began crying. Janice is known for yelling “oh my god” and also for her very unique laugh.

Mike Hannigan: When He Said His Parents Were Wealthy, Not Him

Phoebe said, “Oh, my God. You’re rich” and he acted like that wasn’t the case, replying, “No, my parents are rich.” Fans definitely remember this scene as Mike was totally serious about this, and no one could forget Phoebe’s reply, which showed her quirky personality: “Well, so? They gotta die someday.”

Joey Tribani: When He Talked About A “Moo Point”

Joey also had his own way of thinking about the world. Joey’s most iconic scene is when he thought that “moot point” was “moo point.” He explained, “It’s like a cow’s opinion, you know? It just doesn’t matter. It’s moo.” This is one of the most quotable scenes from the entire sitcom. It would only make perfect sense to Joey, who has a kind but ditzy personality.

Chandler Bing: When He Told His Friends That He Loved Monica

Chandler is known for being the goofiest character on Friends and fans remember many of his hilarious lines over the show’s 10 seasons, but this scene stands out the most because he was being sincere. Fans didn’t often see him being totally serious, so it was clear that this was a big deal and his entire life was changing as he wanted to be with Monica forever.

Phoebe Buffay: When She Said Ross And Rachel Are Lobsters

Viewers love this scene, as it was proof that this couple could make it long-term, despite the obstacles and problems that seemed to plague them all the time. Phoebe said that lobsters held claws and this could actually be observed.

Monica Geller: When She Had The Thanksgiving Turkey On Her Head

Prim and proper Monica seems like the last person on the show who would end up with a raw turkey on her head, which is why this scene is so iconic and so wild to think about even so many years later. Monica was definitely freaking out at how gross and unsanitary this was.

Ross Geller: When He Said “Pivot!” While Moving The Couch

No matter how fans feel about Ross’s behavior or his “break” with Rachel, his most famous scene is when he was trying to move his new couch up his apartment building stairs and he yelled “pivot!” This is one of the Friends scenes that fans talk about all the time, and Ross got more and more annoyed as it proved impossible to actually move the piece of furniture he had just purchased.

Rachel Green: When She Came To Central Perk In Her Wedding Dress

This was the beginning of it all as she became part of the group and began living with Monica, which also meant that she was reconnecting with Monica’s brother Ross. This scene is impossible to forget as Rachel had hit rock bottom and fans got to see her pick herself up and begin her journey toward happiness and love.

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