10 Things That Would Be Different For The Main Characters of ‘Friends’ if It was Shot Today

There are elements that would never be the same, whether that is about the personalities of the characters, their jobs, or the environment that they live in. While it would potentially change the show drastically, it would be interesting to see how the series could be in a modern-day setting.

They’d Hang Out Less

With the growth of Zoom or WhatsApp, there are times when they would just communicate in that way, especially if they just had a quick question to ask each other. They would obviously still hang out, but it would just be less frequent.

Chandler Vapes

It’s quickly becoming a popular method for smokers to take up, and it’s easy to see how Chandler would end up doing that instead, with this being his way of getting out of smoking. Plus the variety of flavors is something he’d likely make plenty of jokes out of.

They’d Hang Out At Starbucks

While the gang might hang out there still, the reality is that the environment wouldn’t be the same. It’s unlikely a Starbucks would have a huge sofa just dumped in the middle for them to hang out on whenever they want, and reserving seats for themselves to come and go might not be an option either.

Hiring A Male Nanny

If the show was filmed today, Ross and Rachel would likely hire him without hesitation. It’s not uncommon for a man to be in this position, and as long as they’re up to the task he was, then there wouldn’t be any problem this time around.

Rachel Wouldn’t Lose Touch With Monica & Ross

if the show was released today, the two of them would never have lost touch. With the power of social media, they would have remained friends over the years. Even if they stopped talking, they would still be able to see what the other was doing on a regular basis.

Ross Wouldn’t Worry About Divorce

While it’s still not something that he would want to happen three times, there would be a lot less shame about the fact he had been divorced three times as it is something that has become a lot more common nowadays.

Rachel Would Need A University Degree

The reality is that now, Rachel would likely need some form of University degree in order to get that job now, with much younger people who have that experience likely being ahead of her in the employment aspect.

They’d Live In Smaller Apartments

It’s hard to believe, considering the jobs that the characters have, particularly early on in the series, that they’d be able to afford it. This is particularly true with Chandler and Joey, considering that Joey is often without work.

Phoebe Streaming Her Music

However, with the growth of YouTube, TikTok, and other social media channels, it is easy to see how Phoebe might be able to become a viral sensation. Her interesting songs could end up being shared around which would drastically change her life.

Joey Would Be A Reality Star

He’s a big personality and someone who is very funny, which would make him perfect for a reality show, which often relies on actors who are in similar situations to Joey. It’s easy to see how Friends would have adapted that into the show, particularly with his character.

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