10 Most Shameless Things Monica from ‘Friends’ Has Ever Done

It’s possible that Monica Gellar is both the friend who’s gotten more raw deals than the others and also the one who dishes it out the most. She’s a neurotic, clean freak but also the center of the party. Hosting Thanksgiving and New Year’s parties at her apartment and also providing the spot where the gang always hangs out, proves that she loves having her friends around. But that doesn’t mean she’s always on her best behavior. Take a look at the 10 most shameless things Monica has ever done.

The One When Monica Stabs Chandler

Monica spent the whole year getting thin, apparently, so she could get revenge on Chandler. Executing the worst seduction ever Monica ends up fumbling with a knife she’s holding and slicing through Chandler’s toe. To make matters worse she brings it in a baggie to the hospital, but it turns out she grabbed a carrot instead of his toe. Oh, Monica.

The One Where Monica’s A Tattletale

There’s actually more than one episode of Friends where Monica outs her friends’ secrets. In season 2 she reveals that Chandler has a third nipple. In season 6 Monica tattles on her older brother to her parents, telling them he smoked weed and blamed it on Chandler, and that Ross married Rachel in Vegas and lied about the divorce.

The One With The Car Bed

Chandler starts dating Janice again after she separates from her husband, The Mattress King. Any good, loyal friend would never shop at the Mattress King’s store, but what does Monica do? She buys a new mattress from him. Of course, it comes back to bite her because the delivery guys drop off a red race car bed instead of the mattress she ordered. Karma, anyone?

The One With Rachel’s Ex

When she runs into Rachel’s old high school boyfriend Chip, Monica’s insecurities get the better of her. When Rachel finds out Chip wants to take Monica out, she asks her not to, but Monica still goes. He ends up being a loser, but still. You do not date your best friend’s ex. That’s like, rule number 1 of friendship.

The One With The Secret Relationship

When you think about it, it’s really crappy the Monica doesn’t tell her best friends or her family that she’s dating Chandler. Someone they all know and like. Obviously, we wouldn’t have the comedy of the situation if everyone did know, so it’s easy to overlook the secret.

The One With The Cleaning Lady

I think we all know this isn’t going to end well. Monica’s crazy shines through as she accuses the woman of stealing her bra and her jeans, essentially harassing the woman in the process. Turns out, Monica was way too quick to jump to conclusions.

The One With The Junk Closet

 Season 8 really amped up a lot of Monica’s eccentricities. In episode 14 Chandler finds a locked closet and ends up discovering Monica has a hoarder-level stockpile of junk that defies categorization. After all the years of her obsessive cleanliness (she even cleaned a dirty car on the street once), this secret closet is extra hypocritical.

The One Where Monica Dates Richard’s Son

During the season 4 Thanksgiving episode, Monica ends up needing an emergency trip to the eye doctor, where she meets Richard’s son. She invites him to Thanksgiving, he comes, they have fun, and there’s a kiss. It’s all downhill from there. But Monica, just no. It’s never okay to date your ex’s kid.

The One When Monica Opens All The Presents

It’s just after Monica and Chandler’s wedding and Monica is all bummed out that the wedding is over and there is nothing left to look forward to. Back at home, Monica is surrounded by wedding presents while Chandler is off looking for cameras from the wedding. Monica can’t resist and ends up opening all of the wedding gifts on her own.

The One With Fun Bobby

Monica picks back up with Fun Bobby but quickly realizes he’s got a drinking problem. Cue Monica’s micromanaging and she gets him to stop drinking. Only to find out he’s a moping, dull bore to hang out with. What does Monica do? She gets drunk so she can stand spending time with him. Bobby breaks it off because, you know, he’s trying to be sober and he thinks Monica has a drinking problem she needs to address. 

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