The Biggest Amusing to Jaw-Dropping Revelations From the ‘Friends’ Reunion Special

Friends fans have been waiting a long time to see the full cast reunited, and that time finally came with HBO Max’s one-hour-and-44-minute special Friends: The Reunion. It begins in a rather emotional way, as each cast member – Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc – walks back onto the soundstage where they shot Friends to find their iconic sets recreated. The camera follows as the gang walks around, recalling memories and sharing stories from their 10 years of making one of the greatest shows ever to air on television.

But while the Friends reunion special has celebrity guests and surprise encounters and even a trivia match, it’s at its most interesting when the actors are talking about their experience making the show. And it’s in those discussions that some revelations – ranging from amusing to jaw-dropping – are unveiled.

Courteney Cox Used to Write Her Lines on the Dining Room Table

One of the more interesting revelations comes early in the special, as LeBlanc recalls how Cox used to write her lines on the dining room table in Monica and Rachel’s apartment. One day right before filming, LeBlanc asked Cox what was on the table, and she told him to mind his own business. So he wiped the lines clean before that night’s taping, and says she was “so mad” at him when they started filming.

David Schwimmer Was Not a Fan of Marcel the Monkey

“When the monkey was resting it would sit on my shoulder, and the trainer would come up and just give the monkey live grubs to eat. So the monkey would be sitting on my shoulder, take some grubs, like break ‘em in half and eat it, and then he’d just go like that (Schwimmer puts his hands on his face). So I’d have monkey grubby hands all over. It was time for Marcel to fuck off (laughs).”

Matt LeBlanc Dislocated His Shoulder Filming “The One Where No One’s Ready”

LeBlanc explains that the cast normally did a huddle before filming each episode, but because they were running late that night they didn’t do one for “The One Where No One’s Ready.” From then on, LeBlanc made sure they huddled before taping each episode.

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer Admit They Had Feelings for One Another

After this revelation, the special shows that kissing scene in full along with a table read with present-day Schwimmer and Aniston reading the scene aloud to one another, and the chemistry is palpable. This honestly explains why the Ross and Rachel relationship hit so hard – the actors were truly channeling their feelings for one another into their characters.

The Cast Is Adamantly Against Making a Friends Movie

“No, because that’s all up to [creators] Marta [Kaufman] and David [Crane], and I once heard them say – and I completely agree – that they ended the show very nicely. Everyone’s lives are very nice, and they would have to unravel all those good things in order for there to be stories, and I don’t want anyone’s happy ending unraveled. Also at my age to be floopy? Stop!”

Speaking of happy endings…

The Cast Revealed Where Their Characters Are Now

To wrap things up, the cast was asked what they think happened to their characters. For Ross and Rachel, Aniston says they got married “and had some kids and you’re still playing with bones,” a line that puts LeBlanc in stitches.

Cox says although Monica and Chandler’s kids are likely now graduated, Monica is still “really competitive” and active in the PTA, and that Chandler is making her laugh every day.

According to Kudrow, Phoebe is still happily married to Mike (played by Paul Rudd) and living in Connecticut. “They had kids,” she says, “and I think she was like the advocate for her kids who were a little different and all kids who were a little different, the arts program, the music thing and all that.”

And Joey? LeBlanc says he’s opened a sandwich shop somewhere in Venice Beach.

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