‘Friends Reunion’ Explains Why A Proper Revival Would Never Work

The recently-released Friends reunion explains why a proper revival of the show will never happen. Seventeen years after the sitcom wrapped up its 10-year-run, its main cast gathered together for the HBO Max project. This was only the second time all the cast members were back in one room since the show ended. Naturally, it was emotional for them, especially since the old sets such as Monica’s apartment and Central Perk were rebuilt for the special TV event.

For years, there had been interest for the Friends reunion to happen. Not only did the cult sitcom maintained its relevance, but it has also even expanded its fan base thanks to new fans checking it out through re-runs on TV and availability on streaming services. Some of its most iconic moments continue to be consistently referenced in the modern-day. Suffice to say, despite arguments that the show has aged badly, Friends has maintained its place at the forefront of pop culture. As old shows like Full House, Will & Grace, Gilmore Girls, and Roseanne returning on the small screen, the stronger the clamor had been for the New York-set series to follow suit.