10 Moments That Show Why Monica And Chandler Were The Perfect “Friends” Couple

1. When they supported each other right from the beginning. We all need that kind of support system in our life!

2. When they weren’t scared to laugh at each other. Couples who laugh together, stay together!

3. When they accepted each others’ flaws and never wavered in their mutual love for one another. Who wouldn’t want that?!

4. When Monica helped Chandler overcome his commitment phobia and they entered a real relationship.

5. When Monica never judged Chandler, even when she thought Chandler had a shark fetish.

6. When Chandler admitted he was in love with Monica in front of all of their friends.

7. Whenever they shared a passionate kiss, leaving the audience swooning.

8. Whenever Chandler handled Monica’s controlling and competitive nature maturely.

9. When Monica convinced Chandler to reconcile with his dad because she knew he would regret it if he didn’t.

10. And finally, when Chandler made an impassioned speech about how he viewed Monica to be an incredible mother, even without a baby. Could we BE more emotional about this moment?!

Come on! Don’t we all deserve a guy who looks at us like Chandler looks at Monica!?

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