Ed Sheeran and Courteney Cox Recreates ‘the Routine’ from ‘Friends’

Hollywood star Courteney Cox and British singer Ed Sheeran gave a twist to the iconic dance from Friends in a new video.

Cox and Sheeran teamed up to recreate the iconic “routine” from the classic nineties sitcom, originally performed by Cox [as Monica Gellar] and costar David Schwimmer [as Ross Gellar] on the show.

The Shape of You singer left his followers rolling on the floor with laughter as he nailed the dance routine with Cox in a video posted on Instagram, days after she and the rest of the Friends star had a much-hyped tearful reunion 17 years after the show’s end.

“Had a reunion of our own this weekend,” wrote Sheeran, and added hashtags: “the routine”, “friends 4 Eva” and “obviously better than ross”

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