10 Scenes from ‘Friends’ Viewers Love To Watch Over & Over

From classic romantic moments to some of the funniest scenes in the show, these Friends moments are always a pleasure to rewatch. These are the scenes that are truly iconic and immediately recognizable, whether they are major moments for the plot, or jokes that only appeared for a single episode.

Ross & Rachel’s First Kiss

When Ross breaks up with Julie, and comes to see Rachel at Central Perk, their first kiss manages to be everything – it’s intense, and passionate, and romantic, and emotional. And what may make it even better is that it is realistic, as Rachel doesn’t get all of the locks on the door open on the first try. It perfectly sets up the balance of emotion and humor that the show is known for.

Ross’s Leather Pants

Not everyone has ended up walking home in their underwear and a paste of lotion and talcum powder, of course, but everyone has tried to do something to make life better, and had it go horribly wrong.

The Quiz For The Apartment

What makes this so brilliant to rewatch is that it shows the characters up perfectly – Monica’s over-competitiveness, Ross’s geeky nature (as he made the quiz), Chandler’s enthusiasm, etc. It also helps fans get to know them better, thanks to the questions. And of course, it is both hilarious in the moment, and a decent-sized plot point, as the women lose and end up having to move. The only thing missing, of course, is Phoebe.

The Holiday Armadillo

This one became famous for Ross’s hilarious attempts at giving Ben the Christmas that he wanted, and also celebrating Hannukah while being unable to find a Santa costume at short notice. It’s an episode that shows everyone in a great light, as Ross struggles to be the best father he can be, and his friends all come through to try and help.


Again, Friends comes through with the physical comedy as Ross attempts to get his new couch up the stairs of his building with only his friends to help (because he refuses to pay the delivery fee). The whole scene involves little dialogue beyond Ross shouting ‘Pivot’, and it’s a testament to the actors that they were able to make that truly unforgettable. No matter how many times it is rewatched, it is still hilarious.

Phoebe Seducing Chandler

Watching Phoebe’s hilarious ‘seduction’ of Chandler as they try to play chicken with each other is perfect – and of course, it ends with Chandler telling Monica he loves her. It’s a perfectly rewatchable blend of humor and emotion.

Monica Proposing To Chandler

Even though fans know that Monica is eventually setting Chandler up for her own surprise proposal, his fear and anxiety thinking that he has lost her is palpable every time. And of course, the moment that they propose together, in a candle-lit room, is one of the most incredibly romantic in the show.

When He Was Her Lobster

 It was a line that could have simply been Phoebe being her quirky self (and she has lots of those), but combined with the chemistry of Ross and Rachel, it became part of the cultural vocabulary. And every time that the two got back together again, fans knew, it was because he is her lobster.

The Last One

From Rachel getting off the plane, and the final resolution of their relationship, to Monica and Chandler bringing their babies home, it’s incredible to see how far everyone has come – and to bid farewell to favorites.

Welcome To The Real World

Perhaps the best moment of the pilot, though, is the end, where the gang encourage Rachel to cut up the credit cards that her father pays for and start to take care of herself – and where Monica delivers a line that resonated with everyone watching: Welcome to the real world! It sucks, you’re going to love it.

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