10 Saddest Things About The Bings from ‘Friends’

The unresolved conflicts were a source of unhappiness to the Bings. Chandler almost left his father out of his marriage, and as for Nora, her role as a single mother was underappreciated. That’s not to say, Nora, Charles, and Monica were perfect. All things considered, the Bings made the most of their imperfect but wonderful life.

Nora Was Mom-Shamed

While promoting her book “Euphoria Unbound” on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Nora Tyler Bing was mom-shamed for her parenting choices. Jay Leno’s words, “don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t see you as a mom,” would easily qualify as one of the worst things a TV host could say to their guest.

Nora & Ross Shared A Kiss

While Nora was on her book tour, she met with Chandler and all his friends. They dined together at a restaurant named Mexican Village. It’s kind of unfortunate that that evening Nora and Ross acted on instinct, and shared a kiss without thinking things through.

Charles & Nora’s Sour Relationship

Charles and Nora Bing’s relationship was riddled with resentment and anger. They had plenty of differences, but apparently, those couldn’t be put aside at Chandler and Monica’s rehearsal dinner. The built-up anger and resentment also meant that Charles, Nora, and Chandler never really sat down together as a family to discuss the various issues at hand.

Lack Of Respect For The Family Name

Over the course of the series, people, especially Chandler’s boss, Doug liked to poke fun at the name, ‘Bing.’ He would say it boisterously, almost like he was making a noise. When Chandler was looking for a roommate in season 3’s flashback episode, a potential roommate enjoyed saying the name Bing so much he made a noise every time he said it.

Chandler Left His Parents Out Of The Loop

In “The One With Rachel’s Book,” when his future mother-in-law, Judy asked how his parents took the engagement news, he replied, saying, “Oh yeah, I should probably call them.” It’s sad to know Nora and Charles were the last ones to know their only son was getting married.

Chandler Almost Left Charles Out Of His Wedding

As it turns out, Charles was the last to know Chandler was getting married to Monica. Charles was also the last person to be invited to the wedding. In season 7’s “The One With Chandler’s Dad” when Monica asked why Charles hadn’t RSVP’d their wedding invitation yet, Chandler casually mentioned his father wasn’t invited.  If it had not been for Monica, the Chan-Chan Man would have pretty much left his father out of his wedding and regretted it for the rest of his life.

Chandler Cut Charles Out Of His Life

Monica hadn’t really seen Chandler’s dad until a couple of days before the wedding, and she was surprised to hear Charles had tried to get in touch with Chandler, trying in vain to talk to Chandler, wrote him letters, and even come to New York to meet with him. Chandler kept making excuses and continued to ignore his dad.

Nora & Charles Were Missing From The Bridal Party Photoshoot

Since Monica had barely seen Charles before, the bridal party photoshoot could have been a great way to break the ice. Chandler’s parents were dressed immaculately for the wedding, and it’s kind of sad that they weren’t included in the wedding photoshoot.

Charles & Nora Barely Saw Their Son After The Wedding

It would have been great to see Monica interact with her in-laws, especially Charles since she was the one who’d talked Charles up in front of Chandler. Moreover, Nora and Charles would have made a terrific pair of grandparents to baby Erica and Jack. Let’s hope Chandler and Monica saw them more at their Westchester house than at their NYC apartment.

Chandler Didn’t Embrace His Role As A Son

All his adult life, Chandler failed to accept his parents for who they were. Admittedly, the relationship was hard to sustain and nurture, and for Chandler, coming to terms with it could have been the first step in the right direction.

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