10 Most Annoying Things Chandler from ‘Friends’ Ever Did

Everyone loves Chandler, don’t get us wrong. He’s one of the pivotal characters of the show. But we can’t forgive him or some crimes such as never watching Joey’s audition tape, mocking his friends, and the treatment of his father. Today we decided to count the top ten times he could be way too much Chandler. Here are ten of those instances on Friends.

Read The Catalog Sweetheart!

While eyeing the Apothecary Table on a catalog, Rachel happens to ask what an apothecary is. Chandler informs her an apothecary is another term for a chemist. Next, we know Rachel is discussing time periods due to the antiquated nature of the apothecary table. Chandler mentions the time period of Yore, to which Rachel asks, “Your what?” Chandler cuts her off by saying, “Just read the catalog sweetheart.”


Chandler wanted a signboard on top of his and Monica’s bed that said Merge. His inspiration came from road signs that said- Merge. Chandler thought it’d be a great idea to say merge right on top of their beds. Had Monica agreed, it would have made for some gentle comedy.

Actually Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Chandler and Monica have differing opinions on what they should do with the gaming room once Rachel is gone. They both run into a huge fight and Chandler almost cancels moving in with Monica. Ross amicably solves their fight, for selfish purposes, of course. Later, he tries to break them apart. As the two make up, Monica lovingly says, “Love is the best medicine.” Chandler tells her it’s laughter that is the best medicine actually. Why do you do it Chandler? He doesn’t know.

Father’s Treatment

Chandler’s treatment of his father was always unfair. The guy could never accept his father for what she was – a woman. Never did Chandler speak to her, invite her over, went to visit her. Her nomenclature was a scriptural subject matter. But it can’t be denied that Chandler couldn’t care less about his father.

Mother’s Treatment

Chandler was embarrassed with his mother just as he was embarrassed with his father. His treatment of his mother was annoying, to say the least. To he fair, Chandler didn’t have a conventional set of parents. But that didn’t mean he should be embarrassed by his mother.

Treatment Of Janice After Break-Up

Chandler’s annoying behavior around Janice came back as soon as the two met in the future after their breakup. He made fun of her voice, her demeanor and everything about her. Chandler failed to acknowledge his love for Janice, it didn’t seem she was a woman he had loved at some point.

Pros/ Cons- Don’t Ever Touch The Computer

It was Chandler who suggested Ross make a pros and cons list of pitting Rachel against Julie. Ross just went along with the idea. It looked like Chandler wanted to do his on his new computer, which by the way was for playing games and stuff. But Chandler did the list first. The machine even started printing the list.

Almost Took Off Before His Wedding

Chandler’s reasons for running out on his wedding were unclear, it seemed like panic was the immediate reason. Knowing very well what Mondler had been through, he had no right to take off before the wedding. It was a childish thing to do.

Lied About The Tape

Chandler lied to passing Joey’s Ichiban tape for casting to the seniors at the firm. He lied to his best friend Joey about it passing it over at the firm. Poor Joey seemed like a professor you’d buy some kinda e-crap from. He didn’t do this once but did it over and over again. It got really annoying to see Pinnochio “lie about lying about lying.”

Fell Asleep At Joey’s Movie Premiere

Even though Chandler was a good friend to Joey, his annoying habits occasionally came to the surface. But sleeping during Joey’s premiere was the worst of all. Chandler owed Joey his full attention for being the only one invited to the premier. Estelle sold 4 tickets on eBay, Joey picked Chandler. And dear friend Chandler fell asleep.

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