10 Funniest Quotes of Gunther from ‘Friends’

Whether it be his undying love for Rachel or his hatred for Ross, Gunther is always able to bring some funny moments to the show. He might not get tons of focus in terms of actual character development, but he adds a lot to the show. One of the reasons that Gunther became so beloved was because of the hilarious lines he would burst out with, in a very dry manner. Here are Gunther’s 10 funniest quotes from Friends.


He would do anything for her and while he’s happy enough watching from afar, he hates seeing her with other men, especially members of the group as he is forced to see them all the time. This leads to an excellent moment where simply the line, “Rachel!” provides a huge laugh. This moment takes place when Joey tells Ross his feelings about her, as he questions “Why Rachel?” continuously saying her name, and when he leaves, Joey turns around only for Gunther to do the exact same thing!

“I Dropped A Cup”

He reacts very negatively to Rachel being asked out on a date in front of him. Gunther heads to the back of the shop and starts smashing a lot of things, with the noises shocking everyone inside Central Perk. However, when he reappears Gunther simply states “I dropped a cup.”

“I Saved Up For 350 Years”

The line comes when Joey brings some Porsche keys that have been left, asking if they’re Gunthers. He fires back by saying “Yes, that’s what I drive. I make 4 bucks an hour. I saved up for 350 years.” It’s a fantastic line with the sarcasm being met by his dry delivery as Joey simply looks on, puzzled.

“I Thought You Were Chandler”

While Gunther does know the group very well, he clearly doesn’t know them perfectly. This is clear when Joey bursts into the coffee shop and asks Gunther if he’s seen Chandler, to which he replies “I thought you were Chandler.” He follows it up by stating that “One of you is over there,” which just adds to the brilliance of it all.

“I Wasn’t Invited”

This quote is mainly funny because of the awkward situation that Ross finds himself as soon as he says he’ll see Gunther at Chandler and Monica’s wedding. When he replies “I wasn’t invited,” Ross’ reaction is absolutely perfect, awkwardly saying he will see him the day after.


Gunther is full of surprises throughout Friends, and one of those is the fact that he speaks fluently in Dutch. As Ross is trying to learn, he thanks Gunther in Dutch and as he responds, Ross cuts him off simply stating they’re done. So Gunther fires back by simply saying, “Ezel.”

“Is This Some Kind Of Snake, Or Something?”

When Rachel decides to purchase an expensive Sphynx cat, it was clear things were never going to end well. The only person willing to take it off her hands was Gunther, in the hope that Rachel would go to his place to visit her pet. However, he is clearly not sure of the animal itself either, asking the guys “Is this some kind of snake, or something?”

“Put The Mouse Back In The House”

Phoebe’s boyfriend, Robert wore very loose-fitting shorts which led to a certain private area often being on display. She was too scared to tell him that things were on display That was until Gunther saw it and simply stated, “This is a family place. Put the mouse back in the house.”

“Once Again I Suckle At Your Smoky Teet”

During Friends, we learn that Gunther is a smoker when Chandler heads into Central Perk already smoking. He allows Chandler to finish it if he can have a drag himself, and it’s at this point that we see he has quite an interesting relationship with smoking. The drag clearly means a lot to him as he says, “Oh dark mother, once again I suckle at your smoky teet.”

“I Wish She Was My Wife”

One of the best comes when his inner dialogue is spoken out loud for the audience to hear as he delivers coffee to the group. Firstly, he questions what she sees in Ross, and then smells Rachel’s hair, thinking, “I love Rachel. I wish she was my wife.” It’s a hilarious moment as it’s the first time he openly admits this, even if it’s in his own head.

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