10 Underrated Moments in ‘Friends’ That Aren’t Talked About Enough

The Friends Reunion Special aired this week, and it’s got everyone talking about the iconic ’90s sitcom again, and all their favorite parts – many of which were revisited on the special. And while some of these moments absolutely deserve the attention they get – whether Ross and Rachel’s first kiss, or Joey wearing all of Chandler’s clothes – other moments tend to slip under the radar, even though they are some of the sharpest, or sweetest, scenes in the entire series. These are just a handful of those that deserve more love.

The Chick And The Duck Watching The Cooking Channel

The best of them all may be when Chandler comes into the living room to notice the birds ‘watching’ the cooking channel – where he is appalled to see a duck being prepared! It’s a hilarious moment of avian parenting and made all the funnier by the lack of any setup.

Joey Looking Out At The ‘Rain’ When He Moved Out…

Joey’s brief time living on his own (while doing well as an actor) is often swept under the rug, even though it was incredibly important for his character development. It brought fans the big white dog, but it also made Joey even more relatable, and gave fans the brilliant physical comedy of seeing Chandler gazing out at the rain through a window sadly while Joey seemingly does the same… except it’s actually an artistic glass/water piece in his ridiculously expensive apartment. It’s a perfect mix of sad and hilarious.

…And Moving Back In Again

The scene where Joey spins around in his chair to reveal to Eddie (Chandler’s brief, terrifying roommate) is deeply satisfying, but it’s what comes after that really makes it. When the two affirm that they missed each other, that they want to live together and share an amazing hug, it’s one of their sweetest scenes.

The Poker Game

From the women becoming frustrated with assumptions about gender to Rachel dealing with the deeply relatable experience of being turned down for a job she thought she got, every part of the episode is comedy gold. The fact that Ross pretends to lose because he just wants to see Rachel happy is just the cherry on top.

A Lot Of Information In 30 Seconds

In it, there are multiple smaller storylines all building up together, and eventually exploding in a brilliantly funny scene where everyone ends up yelling the way that they feel, or what they want, or a secret, or a realization. And as a perfect response, Judy tells them that that is a ‘lot of information to get in 30 seconds’.

Joey’s Days Of The Week

He remembers his days starting with numbers: Monday, one day, Tuesday, two day, Wednesday, when? huh? what day?, Thursday, the third day. It’s funny and ridiculous, but it’s also in an episode that shows how desperately Joey wants to do well, and how he keeps failing at it.

Phoebe’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

By the end of the series, Phoebe’s grandmother (and original roommate, before she passed away) seemed to be almost entirely forgotten – but her cookies weren’t! Phoebe agrees to give her ‘secret family cookie recipe’ to Monica, but only has a cookie for Monica to try and reverse engineer it from… which turns out to be made using the recipe on the Nestle Tollhouse bag of chocolate chips.


This ridiculously complicated game – played by Joey, Chandler, and Ross when Joey is going to audition as the host of the gameshow – is perfect viewing because it makes no sense (much like New Girl’s True American). And of course, fans have tried to create their own versions, and there is a playable one as a DVD extra, but it will never be the same.

Joey Tells Rachel How He Feels

 When Joey was first starting to develop feelings for Rachel, and when he eventually told her and learned she didn’t feel the same, it was incredible to watch (and more than a little heartbreaking). Their longest-ever hug over dinner was deeply emotional, and still balanced with humor in the form of the waiter who was struggling to serve them – and that balance is what makes Friends so incredible.

Mike’s Piano Playing

Although Mike only became a part of the show toward the end, thanks to his relationship with Phoebe, he was a fan-favorite right from the start. Their first date may have been a dud thanks to Joey setting Phoebe up with a stranger, but their second meeting, and Mike’s ‘air piano’ playing, was the moment that everyone knew he was going to be the one.

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