Why Chandler from ‘Friends’ Is Actually The Show’s Main Character

Throughout Friends’ 10-season run, not once did Chandler shy away from unlearning and seeing things in a new light. He eventually learned how to handle critical life decisions with grace, even though he had a difficult childhood with his parents’ divorce. Chandler eventually made amends with Nora and Charles Bing and by doing so, he taught fans how relationships were to be nurtured. It’s time to recall why Chan Chan Man’s story arc outshines the rest of the gang.

There Would Be No Joey Without Chandler

Chandler originally wanted to pick a fashion photographer named Eric solely because he would have models over from time to time. But since Mr. Heckles claimed he was Chandler’s roommate, Joey moved in and the rest is history. If it wasn’t for Chandler, the gang wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet Joey and make friends for life.

He Was A Worthy Life Partner

By the end of the series, Chandler became a better version of himself. He was no longer the hopeless, awkward, and desperate for love guy who’d chased Janice down the street and falsely accused Kathy of cheating on him. He became a worthy life partner whom Monica could trust with her feelings.

 He Was A Good Friend

Chandler consistently proved Joey’s friendship meant the world to him. He’d help him rehearse for acting parts and often speak words of encouragement to help with cope with the challenging acting business. Chandler was a good friend to Monica as well. He comforted her when Phoebe moved out and at Ross’s wedding in London, which eventually paved the way for their romance. Chandler possessed the essential traits of a good friend

He Worked Towards A Healthy Relationship With Monica

In “The One with Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss,” Phoebe had just met her boyfriend, Gary and they were in the beginning phase of their romance and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. After Chandler grew tired of competing for who the hotter couple was, he tried to reason with Monica by talking about the positives of their relationship. He took things one day at a time until the day they moved into a house in Westchester and lived happily ever after.

He Was Sensitive In Their Adoption Journey

In “The One with the Birth Mother,” Monica and Chandler traveled to Ohio to be interviewed by Erica — the surrogate mother of their prospective child. Erica had apparently picked them because she’d been told Monica was a reverend and Chandler, a doctor. While Monica went along with the lie, in the end, Chandler convinced her to come clean. “But this woman is giving away her child. She deserves to know who it’s going to,” he said.

He Sang Monica’s Praises To Erica, Securing Their Adoption

“I really want a kid. And when that day finally comes, I’ll learn how to be a good dad. But my wife, she’s already there. She’s a mother without a baby,” he tearfully said. Had it not been for Chandler, Erica may have changed her mind.

His Use Of Sarcasm

In “The One with the Birth,” when Rachel angered everyone with her inappropriately-timed joke, Chandler let her know she had to prudently pick a moment to crack someone up. His witty one-liners and satirical remarks in and of themselves helped people to understand sarcasm effectively.

He Had A Compelling Character Arc

 His tendency to joke about things began as a coping mechanism for dealing with his parent’s divorce and the fact that Nora and Charles failed to respond adequately to his emotional needs. Notwithstanding the challenges, with time, Chandler recognized and overcame his childhood trauma and became a loving, trustworthy and supportive friend to his wife, Monica.

He Redefined Masculinity

Despite the mockery, on the flip side, Chandler was so secure in his masculinity that he willingly changed careers mid-way and had his wife take care of their expenses. He even happily brought his co-worker home so he and Monica could interview him as a potential sperm donor. Chandler’s well-executed storyline proves he wasn’t constricted by the regressive stereotypes of masculinity.

His Character Left A Legacy On TV

Chandler’s transformation left a positive impact on fans. His story arc tested every strength and weakness of his character. From successfully dealing with unresolved childhood trauma to changing careers — Chandler Bing gave fans plenty of food for thought.

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