10 Iconic Phrases from ‘Friends’ that Made the Show Mainstream

Today, we can count the amount of catchphrases used by Friends in dozens, as each character had at least a few. For example, Monica would react to every news with “I know!” while Phoebe would yell “Yay!” whenever something positive happened… and we already know “Joey doesn’t share food.” So even if you’re not a fan, you’ve surely heard at least one of these in public, because these are the 10 most iconic phrases that were made mainstream by Friends.


Moving or re-decorating is almost always stressful. But after watching this episode and recalling Ross’ idiotic chanting of the word “Pivot!” followed by Chandler’s “SHUT UP, SHUT UP!,” you’ll at least be doing it with a smile on your face.


Despite this, Friends fans were happy to accept Ross’ ridiculous interpretation of the word, while Rachel and Phoebe came up with one of their own – “salmon spring roll!” And we still remember them today.

Va’ Fa Napoli!

Yeah… But hey! It’s a vulgar insult that will make you sound sophisticated and worldly. And probably no one except hardcore Friends fans will know what you’re talking about.

Moo Point

In fact, we have to admit that his version is actually more fun to use. Heck, disarming your opponent with confusion by accusing them of having a “moo point” may even win you an argument! Just don’t do it in public.

You’re My Lobster

Actually, the phrase was first used by Phoebe convincing Ross that he and Rachel were endgame. According to her, “it’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life.” In any case, this phrase is good to keep in your arsenal for when you meet that special someone (who’s a Friends fan, of course) and you really want to sweep them off their feet.

No Uterus, No Opinion.

If it’s not clear enough, the phrase would mean that if you’re not a woman, you’re not allowed to have an opinion. We can’t think of any counterarguments for this phrase, and we can’t deny its use has become mainstream.

The Friend Zone

According to Joey’s expert opinion, this is exactly what happened to Ross who waited too long to make a move on Rachel, which put him in the “friend zone.” Luckily, he managed to escape it. That said, let’s take a moment of silence for all the brothers and sisters in the friendzone.

We Were On A Break!

We have to agree that relationships are complicated. Still, we highly recommend not using this phrase in the presence of your better half.


Fun fact: the phrase has been mentioned a total of 1069 times throughout the course of the show. But the surprising thing is that Janice only said this 16 times. However, it was so annoying that the bunch associate Janice with this phrase, and so do we.

How You Doin’?

What happens when Joey Tribbiani spots a girl he likes? First comes the “seductive” look, and then the lauded “How you doin’?” It’s cute, it’s funny, and because of Friends, it’s become the greatest pick-up line ever… depending on whom you ask. Joey uses this phrase in the show only 19 times, and it has worked almost every time, becoming iconic among Friends fans in the process.

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