9 Burning Questions Fans Still Have After The Friends Reunion

There were a lot of characters missing, some that fans of Friends were wanting to hear about the most. And along with several missed opportunities to ask the cast burning questions that fans have been pondering for almost two decades, there’s almost enough to make up another whole two-hour special.

What Happened To Gunther?

And as fans got to hear from the main cast where they think their characters are, with Matt LeBlanc hilariously saying that Joey would be selling sandwiches in Venice Beach, viewers didn’t get to hear where Tyler thinks Gunther would be. Even Maggie Wheeler, who plays Janice, gave her two cents about where her character would be, but still nothing from Tyler.

Will We Ever See Matthew Perry’s Failed Pilot?

Though the sitcom Aniston starred in, Muddling Through, lasted for a whole season, Perry’s sitcom was nothing more than a failed pilot. However, despite not pleasing studios, LAX 2194 looks bizarre and fascinating at the same time, as it follows a luggage handler (Perry) catering for Aliens who are traveling to Earth for vacation. Though there was a very brief couple of seconds of footage of the pilot in the reunion, fans need to see more.

What Did The Cast Think Of The Joey Spin-Off?

It’s hard to ignore the fact that after Friends ended, the world continued with the spin-off, Joey. It saw the character head to L.A. to truly try and break Hollywood as an actor, and it had loads of potential, as LeBlanc was cast for his comedic timing. But it was overwhelmingly negatively received, as it has just 50% on Rotten Tomatoes.

And Is Joey Canon?

Not only is the cast’s thoughts of the strange spin-off intriguing, but the reunion should have also cast a light on whether or not the show is canon in the world of Friends. As there were so many actors, producers, and directors interviewed for the two-hour special, they could have been a few short seconds to clear the debate up.

What Were The Cast’s Least Favorite Episodes?

In the reunion, there was so much reminiscing, and the whole cast felt as nostalgic as the fans when they saw the set for the first time in 17 years, but they surely hold some kind of resentment towards a couple of storylines. At this point, it’s no secret that Ross despised working with the monkey that played Marcel, and there must be other episodes that the cast didn’t enjoy shooting.

What Happened To Frank Jr.?

Another fan-favorite recurring character was Phoebe’s brother, Frank Jr. (Giovanni Ribisi,) but unlike Tyler and Wheeler, Ribisi, unfortunately, wasn’t present at the reunion. It would have been brilliant to have seen the actor talk about the fidgety and erratic character, and to find out where he thinks the character and the triplets are today.

What’s Ben’s Relationship With Emma?

There were even jokes on the series about how Ross forgot about Ben, but by season 10, it was almost as if he didn’t exist, as the show focused on Ross and Rachel raising Emma. Ben and Emma had never shared a scene together in the show, but they’d surely have some kind of relationship, as they’re half-brother and sister.

What Happened To The Dog Statue?

It was one of the most iconic pieces of art in any of the apartments or other locations, and fans needed to know if the statue really did fall off the truck or if it’s sitting somewhere in their family home. Though James Corden was criticized for his hosting skills, he would have won every viewer over if he simply asked, “What happened to the dog statue?”

Does Joey Still Have Huggsy?

The stuffed penguin is Joey’s “bedtime penguin pal,” and he can’t get to sleep without it. After almost getting into fisticuffs with Emma over who could snuggle with it, Joey came out on top. But as it was a such big part of his life, it’s a wonder if Joey still has him. The penguin was seen in one episode of Joey, but that was the very last Hugsy sighting.

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