The 10 Most Underrated Romantic Couples of ‘Friends’

The series showed all the great highs of love, from lavish weddings to the epic first kiss, but it also highlighted the low points too, bringing a great balance to the relationships. While some characters were each other’s lobsters, others weren’t quite meant to be, and many relationships on the show, unfortunately, slipped under the radar. Whether it’s because they weren’t main characters or they were too short-lived, some great couples from Friends ended up being rather underrated.

Ross & Emily

The fact is that prior to things going sour due to the wedding, Ross and Emily actually got along very well. They had fun together and clearly connected, with Emily also making an effort with all of his friends (bar Rachel), but a lot of people often forget that.

Joey & Rachel

They had a lot of fun together and this was the only time that Joey was truly in love on the show. He changed his ways with Rachel and showed a softer side of his personality, and that is what made this couple a great one, which deserves more praise.

Jack & Judy

The two of them are very different, with Jack being quite relaxed and Judy being uptight. That combination works perfectly for them as they can work together in any situation. While they might argue occasionally, that is something to be expected after so many years of marriage, and they never have huge fallouts. It’s a fun relationship and one that should be seen as a top choice from the show.

Phoebe & David

David might have been geeky and not as free as Phoebe, but seeing him evolve over time was amazing to see. They had a great spark together, which is why the show revisited it later on in the series. Fans would have been just as happy if Phoebe ended up with David since they fit so well together.

Joey & Erin

This was a relationship that simply didn’t get given enough time to truly make the big impact in terms of becoming fan favorites. However, Joey and Erin were a lot of fun together, mainly because she was a great character who brought a spark of energy to the show.

Ross & Bonnie

It was a relationship that came during a time when Rachel was pushing hard to end up in a relationship with Ross, which fans got lost within. However, that meant that this brilliant relationship ended up becoming an underrated one.

Rachel & Gavin