The 10 Saddest Episodes In The Whole Series of ‘Friends’

Often, this sadness comes from relationships, such as Ross and Rachel (multiple times), Monica and Chandler, and even Monica and Richard. However, sad episodes do not exclusively fall to couples, as there are episodes that leave fans in tears for various reasons.

‘The One Where Joey Tells Rachel’

These feelings culminated in a dinner that saw Rachel and Joey basically agree to be friends and have the world’s longest hug. What makes this so sad and earns it a place over episodes such as Mr. Heckles’ death is the fact that Joey had never really been in love before. Joey never gets the chance to have a true romantic partner, and the one time he is in love in the show is here, and he does not end up in a relationship with that person.

‘The One With The Invitation’

The episode is a clip-show-esque one in which Rachel and Ross reminisce over their past relationship with one another as both make a decision about Rachel’s attendance at the wedding. The really sad part of the episode comes when Rachel decides she will not be going, saying it would be too much.

‘The One With The List’

 Ross has done some shady things throughout Friends, but creating a physical list comparing the two women who he cannot decide between is one of the worst. It is hard to feel sorry for Ross, but Rachel being heartbroken by the list is hard to watch, and the fact the relationship got hit with another roadblock was sad for all fans rooting for the pair.

‘The One With Barry & Mindy’s Wedding’

However, while the age difference between the two was not an issue itself, the fact that they wanted different things was. At Barry and Mindy’s wedding, the two decided to call it quits after an episode of that looking likely. The two had a slow dance together as they enjoy what is their last night together (for a while) is pretty heartbreaking.

‘The One With Rachel’s Going Away Party’