The Main Characters of ‘Friends’ Ranked From Least To Most Likely To Win The Hunger Games

Other than the occasional scuffle, very few people in the series seem to know how to handle themselves when they’re threatened. Therefore, it’s unlikely that the characters would last long in The Hunger Games when pitted against trained assassins. However, there are a few who might have a fighting chance.

Joey Tribbiani

There’s not much difference between Joey and a teddy bear come to life. He’s easily the sweetest person in the friend group, which would already make it difficult to imagine him killing anyone.

When it comes to self-defense, there’s no way to predict how far someone will go to save themselves. Even if Joey was determined to survive in the arena, his character is often the butt of the joke due to his lack of common sense. While Joey is smart in other ways, he would end up dead to his inability to think on his feet to survive in the harsh environment.

Chandler Bing

Chandler’s lack of coordination would be his downfall in the arena. He always seems to be tripping or falling just around the apartment, so running from enemies throughout the rough terrain would be a challenge. Chandler would have to find a cave to take shelter in, as climbing a tree and lying in wait probably wouldn’t be something he could accomplish.

Rachel Green

Rachel has made it clear ever since the pilot that she doesn’t enjoy the outdoors. Anyone would hate being in the arena, but it would be downright torture for Rachel. Because of her lack of athleticism, no one wanted Rachel on her team when the gang decided to play football. Rachel is intelligent, which is something she could use to her advantage, but she would be too panicked under pressure to think logically.

Ross Geller

Ross isn’t athletic, but he is cutthroat. His anger issues can be intense, and it just takes one wrong move to set him off. Given how angry he was about his boss eating his sandwich, it’s safe to assume he’d have a worse reaction to someone trying to shoot him with a bow and arrow. Ross is also a smart character, and his background in paleontology might be helpful when it comes to assessing his environment.

Monica Geller

Monica’s competitiveness and attention to detail would make her a top contender in The Hunger Games. She hates losing more than anything else, and she’ll push herself to her limits if it means taking home a trophy. In a life and death situation, this would only be intensified, and Monica would be unstoppable.

Phoebe Buffay

Out of all the characters in Friends, Phoebe is the most likely to win The Hunger Games. Her bubbly personality would make it easy for her to deceive her enemies and no one would ever see her coming. Phoebe grew up on the streets after her mom’s death and would mug people when she was in need of cash. Phoebe survived on her own as a child in New York City, there’s no question she could make it in the arena.

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