Here’s What the Child Stars from Friends are up to Now

Although the main cast members (including Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow) haven’t appeared to age a day, the same can’t be said for the original child stars of the show (including Cole Sprouse and Dakota Fanning) who definitely make us feel old. Here’s what the child stars of Friends have been up to since appearing on the show…

Emma Geller-Greene – played by Cali and Noelle Sheldon

Emma Geller-Greene is the daughter of Rachel Green and Ross Geller. She is a fan of the song ‘Baby Got Back’ and enjoys going on the swings.

Emma Geller-Green was played by twins Cali and Noelle Sheldon. Since their time on Friends, the twins have made a few film appearances, including Agorable and Rougarou, as well as starring in the pilot episode of the Damian Lewis drama Life. By far their biggest role was starring in Jordan Peele’s horror film, Us.

They’ve also been known to share a few cheeky throwbacks on Instagram to their time on the Friends set…

Cali Sheldon with Jennifer Aniston

Cali Sheldon with Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow

“The one where it all began”

Ben Geller – played by Cole Sprouse

Ben Geller is the son of Ross Geller and Carol Willick. Although Ross and Carol are initially married, they separate after Carol finds love with Susan Bunch. His first word is “Hi” and he enjoys pranks.

From season 6 to season 8, Ben Geller is played by Cole Sprouse. Although it’s common for children’s TV role to be played by twins (see Emma Geller-Greene), the role of Ben Geller went solely to Cole Sprouse, rather than shared between him and his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse.

Since his time on friends, Cole landed a huge role alongside his brother as Cody on the Disney Channel’s series, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Latterly, he’s more known for his portrayal of Jughead on Netflix’s Riverdale.

Mackenzie – played by Dakota Fanning

Mackenzie is the eight-year-old girl who lives in the house Chandler and Monica buy. Although she is reluctant to move house, she helps Joey to accept that his roommate Chandler is moving on and to be happy for him. She’s incredibly smart for her age and loves to read.

Having already starred in plenty of films, including Uptown Girls and The Cat in the Hat, before her Friends cameo, Dakota Fanning’s professional acting career spans decades. Since her appearance in Friends, Dakota has starred in War of the WorldsThe Runaways, the Twilight Saga, and Coraline, to name a few. She now runs a production company with her sister Elle Fanning.

Owen – played by Daryl Sabara

Owen is the adopted son of Phoebe’s friends Bill and Colleen. He doesn’t know he’s adopted until Chandler accidentally blurts it out. He also gets pretty mad that Santa isn’t real. Sorry.

Already known for playing Juni Cortez in the Spy Kids film series when he appeared on Friends, Daryl has kept a steady stream of film and TV appearances ever since. As well as starring in the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place, he’s also been a judge on America’s Most Talented Kids. Oh and he’s married to Meghan Trainor now. No biggie.

Leslie, Chandler, and Frank Jr. Jr – played by Alexandria Cimoch and her three brothers, Cole, Justin, and Paul.

Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie, and Chandler are Alice Knight and Frank Buffay Jr.’s children. They are born via surrogate, which sees Phoebe give birth to them in ‘The One Hundredth’ episode. Frank Jr. Jr. is named after his father, Frank Buffay Jr., and Chandler was named after Chandler Bing. The triplets are unaware that Phoebe is their biological mother until Chandler accidentally spills the beans… again.

The triplets are actually played by quadruplets Alexandria Cimoch and her three brothers, Cole, Justin, and Paul. Alexandria went viral in 2020 when she revealed her child star past on TikTok: “Was I on a famous TV show as a baby?” (yes) “Was I one of Phoebe’s triplets on Friends?” (also yes)” Fans were quick to point out how similar Alexandria looks to her on-screen biological mother, Phoebe Buffay, played by Lisa Kudrow. That’s some spooky casting.

Lelani Mayolanofavich – played by Emily Osment

Lelani Mayolanfavich appears in ‘The One With The Halloween Party’ in season 8 of Friends. She has the misfortune of trick or treating Monica’s apartment just when the gang have run out of sweets and Rachel has ran out of money.

Emily is the younger sister of The Sixth Sense star Hayel Joel Osment. Another member of the Spy Kids alumni, Emily landed the role of Gerti Giggles in Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams. Emily has since made a name for herself as a singer, under the alias Bluebiird.

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